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[gnso-vi-feb10] Vertical Integration PDP Charter DT

  • To: <Gnso-vi-feb10@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [gnso-vi-feb10] Vertical Integration PDP Charter DT
  • From: "Gomes, Chuck" <cgomes@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 16:11:57 -0500

I appreciate the enthusiasm for getting started with the work of the
Vertical Integration (VI) PDP Charter DT and want to express my thanks
to those of you who have volunteered for this task.
As I believe all of you know, the GNSO is in-between processes right.
The PDP in Annex A of the Bylaws was found to be terribly inadequate
years ago and a WT is presently developing recommendations for revising
it, but we are still a few months away from completion of that work.  A
key recommendation from the Board regarding the PDP is that policy
development should follow a working group model.  The GNSO has been
evolving toward that model for the last several years, using open
working groups instead of task forces or the Council as a Whole as
described in the old PDP.  The intent is to do the same for the VI PDP.
The first step in that process is to develop a charter, which is the
task of this DT.  Following the pattern of PDPs over the past couple
years, the charter will be presented to the Council for approval and
then the WG can be officially formed and the work can begin.  The next
Council meeting is 18 February and it seems to me that it is probably
not possible to finish a draft charter in time for the Council to act on
it in that meeting, especially considering that the GNSO Operating
Procedures require that motions and any related documents be posted at
least 8 days prior to meetings.  The next Council meeting after that
will be held on 10 March in Nairobi.  The document posting requirements
for that meeting according to Board policy for ICANN international
meetings is 15 February but motions are not needed until 2 March.  I
recognize that the 15 February deadline may be too soon for the DT to
finish their work, so I propose the following:

*       We submit for posting whatever version of a draft charter is
available on 12 February.
*       The Council discuss the key elements of the draft charter on 18
February and provide feedback to the DT.
*       The DT complete its work and submit a recommended VI PDP Charter
to the Council not later than 1 March along with a draft motion for
*       A Councilor makes the motion not later than 2 March.
*       The Council acts on the motion on 10 March in the Open Council
meeting in Nairobi.
*       The official formation of the VI PDP WG be initiated on 10

I am fully aware that many in the community are anxious to get the PDP
started as soon as possible.  To try to facilitate that, I want to
follow up on a suggestion by Avri that we solicit volunteers for the VI
PDP WG prior to the approval of the charter by the Council.  I would
think that we could initiate the request for volunteers for the VI PDP
WG in the 18 February Council meeting and I will take the responsibility
of adding that item to the agenda for that meeting if there are no
For the DT to function effectively I believe it would be helpful for the
DT to select a chair and a Council liaison, the latter hopefully being a

*       Is there anyone on the DT who would be willing to put your name
in the hat for DT chair?
*       Is there a Councilor on the DT who would be willing to serve as
Council liaison? 

Please respond on this list if you are willing to volunteer.  It may be
possible to decide on these positions via this list.  If not, it could
be decided in the first teleconference meeting of the DT.
Note that Margie Milam will be the primary Policy Support Staff person
for this DT and for the eventual WG.  I would like to ask Margie to
prepare a draft charter containing the general elements common to all
charters and distribute it to this list as soon as possible so that the
DT can focus on the most important elements of the charter, i.e., the
tasks of the WG (scope), estimated timelines (if desired), etc.
I also request that Glen or Gisella send a Doodle meeting request to the
members of the DT as soon as possible with possible meeting times late
this week or early next week, taking into consideration the time zones
of the participants as possible.
One last comment: Although I will be included as Council Chair on the
email list of this DT and eventually the WG, I do not plan to
participate actively on either; I am only trying to help get things
moving. At the same time, I encourage you to contact me if you think I
can be of assistance.
Please feel free to suggest changes to any of the above.
Chuck Gomes

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