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[gnso-vi-feb10] chat transcript from the call today

  • To: vertical integration wg <Gnso-vi-feb10@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [gnso-vi-feb10] chat transcript from the call today
  • From: "Mike O'Connor" <mike@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 13:18:07 -0500

hi all,

here's the chat transcript from the call today.  note the reference to zombies. 
 another first for an ICANN working-group as far as i know.  :-)


>  Jothan Frakes:Yay!  Liz is here!!!
>  Liz Gasster:Hi All!
>  Alan Greenberg:Hello all.
>  ken stubbs:hello out there 
>  Jothan Frakes:Welcome Ken
>  ken stubbs:what was the first round issue that ron was referring to ?
>  Ron A:Kurt made the statement at the Washington BC meeting that the first 
> round would open for 60-90 days, then close for the evaluations of those that 
> applied in that firts window.  The 'second' round will begin a year or so 
> after the 'first' round...
>  Margie Milam:hamsters?
>  Alan Greenberg:on wheels!
>  Margie Milam:oh my!   I am so tired!
>  Alan Greenberg:Now you know why!
>  ken stubbs:there is no clear "path forward" from the top...
>  ken stubbs:more concern at senior mgt level about ITU encroachment that 
> making sure that operations are in order to facilitae an orderly and stable 
> TLD expansion
>  ken stubbs:quick poll plz
>  Jothan Frakes:It seems like 'hybernate' to provide feedback on the board's 
> outcome?
>  Alan Greenberg:But that is not what is being suggested.
>  Jothan Frakes:I understand Alan.  I suppose a new group could form for that
>  Alan Greenberg:I cannot imaging that the Council would start a new effort 
> (from an issues report on) anytime in the near future.
>  Kristina Rosette:and it's entirely possible the Council could say 'keep 
> trying'
>  Jothan Frakes:goor point, KR
>  Alan Greenberg:I don't think there is much need at this point to do more 
> than Roberto is suggesting. But if we hybernate (to use Jothan's word) until 
> after a Board decision, there *may* be an opportunity.
>  Alan Greenberg:Even a short statement the we need some exceptions (without 
> details) is of value.
>  Ron A:+1 Roberto
>  Kristina Rosette:@Ken:   it ain't gonna be pretty
>  ken stubbs:boy are you right Kristina
>  Ron A:That is my read too Mikey
>  Kristina Rosette:@Mikey: Agree.  They're not happy about it. 
>  Jothan Frakes:I'd support we dissolve, but Berry Cobb made a point in an 
> earlier call that we could end up not being presented a chance to form a 
> group to iprovide any other feedback on VI
>  Jothan Frakes:so if we did something more of a 'hybernate'
>  Jothan Frakes:put the group in the freezer
>  ken stubbs:dialing back in
>  Kristina Rosette:Has anyone gone back to the charter to see if we've 
> actually done everything we were supposed to do?
>  ken stubbs:back on call
>  Kristina Rosette:wasn't rhetorical.  thanks.
>  Kristina Rosette:so if we're not done, how can we say we're done?  Are we 
> saying we don't want to? that we can't?  
>  Volker Greimann:I also do not support calling the next report a final report.
>  Volker Greimann:We have not covered all our missions targets by a longshot.
>  Volker Greimann:The best we could do is launch an interim report
>  Kristina Rosette:@Ken:  I absolutely disagree.  It is not within the WG's 
> discretion to pick and choose what charter tasks it accomplishes.
>  Alan Greenberg:I wanted to hear Ken's proposed motion.
>  ken stubbs:need to respond to margie..
>  Volker Greimann:mikey+1: we have not completed our charter, so we are unable 
> to call the upcoming report final
>  Kristina Rosette:@Ken:  Helpful clarification
>  Volker Greimann:maybe we can tame the zombies
>  Kristina Rosette:I'm rather fond of zombies, actually.
>  Volker Greimann:I think using the word final opens doors that should remain 
> shut for now
>  Roberto:Kristina, join the GA ;>)
>  Kristina Rosette:@Roberto:  I've just managed to get myself off the GA list, 
> so I think I'll pass for now. :-)
>  Kristina Rosette:The only GNSO Council meeting in November is on the 18th so 
> we'll need to get something to them 8 business days before.
>  Jothan Frakes:k, thanks all
>  Mike O'Connor:thanks gang, i'm gonna slam the door on the Adobe room in a 
> few seconds...

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