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[gnso-vi-feb10] chat transcript from the call today

  • To: vertical integration wg <Gnso-vi-feb10@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [gnso-vi-feb10] chat transcript from the call today
  • From: "Mike O'Connor" <mike@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 12:50:04 -0500

hi all,

here's the chat transcript from the VI call today...


Begin forwarded message:

> From: mike@xxxxxxxxxx
> Date: November 1, 2010 12:44:38 PM CDT
> To: mike@xxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro - Chat Transcript from Vertical Integration
> Reply-To: mike@xxxxxxxxxx
>  Sébastien:normal?? call
>  Gisella Gruber-White:jothan Frakes has joined the call
>  Sébastien:and waht about EUrope
>  Alan Greenberg:Yes for NA and Europe (by then on daylight savings)
>  Sébastien:EUrope already but I am in a US ;)
>  avri:Well isn't there a difference betwen when the US goes and when Europe 
> goes on daylight savings.
>  Alan Greenberg:YEs, this week is a transition week EU on, NA not yet
>  avri:Did Europe go already?
>  Alan Greenberg:llast weekend (2 days ago)
>  avri:ah, got back to the US just in time.
>  Roberto:@avri: you will have to switch back sooner or later.....
>  avri:in 2 weeks.
>  Gisella Gruber-White:Kristina Rosette and Liz Gasster have joined the call
>  Alan Greenberg:2 weeks??  I thought NA switched this coming weekend.
>  avri:i change time zones so often, it really does not matter.  except for 
> conversational curiosity.
>  avri:Alan, I mean I go back.
>  Alan Greenberg:Ahh
>  avri:So can we send a final Phase 1 report?
>  Alan Greenberg:WE can, but using the word "final" will send signals that are 
> differnet from what we are now talking about.
>  Alan Greenberg:"differnet" is a technical term used only in networking 
> discussions.
>  avri:can alwasy capture the horse and put her back in the barn!
>  Jeffrey Eckhaus:Agree with Avri. Need to get out of mindset that once "horse 
> is out of barn" or " genie out of bottles" that is impossible to go back 
>  Alan Greenberg:We could, but once there are contracts signed which are less 
> restrictive, it will be had (from a level playing field point of view) making 
> later contracts more restrictive.
>  avri:What level playing ground?  We have level playing ground?  where?
>  Jeffrey Eckhaus:Would love a level playing field. PLease advise when found
>  Kristina Rosette:@Mikey:  Expert funding request would have to go from 
> Council to Board and would be tied to next year's budget.  Council doesn't 
> have any money that it can itself allocate.
>  avri:I am sure the CAM folks are more than willing to work with S&W to make 
> our proposal more palatable.
>  Jothan Frakes:NO
>  Jothan Frakes:please no further delay :)
>  Kristina Rosette:I'm just the messenger. . . 
>  Jothan Frakes:folks are still elated over seeing dates
>  avri:this is delay in phase ii, not start date.
>  Berry Cobb:@ Jothan, we are no longer tided to Round 1
>  Berry Cobb:tied
>  Jothan Frakes:ah, that's right 
>  Jothan Frakes:whew
>  Jothan Frakes:I have a bit of a hair trigger over the concept of delay at 
> this point
>  avri:Jothan, be happy that the horizon time has gone down from 9 month to 6 
> months.  that is real progress.
>  Berry Cobb:My question about funding,..... is how ICANN paid for Salop & 
> Wright to come back to review our proposals?
>  Jothan Frakes:avri, that is indeed a blessing
>  Jothan Frakes:lol
>  avri:we are not longer at elephant gestation as we were in the beginning, or 
> human gestation as we have been for so long, but are now at baboon gestation 
> period.
>  Gisella Gruber-White:Keith Drazek joined the call
>  Jothan Frakes:good analog avri
>  Jothan Frakes:I just appreciate that there are now dates... 
>  avri:there have alwasy been dates.
>  Jothan Frakes:not calendar dates
>  Jothan Frakes:'later' doesn't fit on a calendar ;)
>  Jothan Frakes:now a person can work with end of may
>  Jothan Frakes:as opposed to 'after we resolve this list of 'harms'
>  avri:assuming you give that date credance.  budgeting against such 'certain' 
> dates has, arguably, been a financial dificulty for some of the early players 
> in this game.
>  Jothan Frakes:again, you're right
>  Jothan Frakes:back to the topic at hand, I think Jon Nevett made a good 
> point, that after we surrendered on phase I we've had a smaller group on the 
> calls
>  Jothan Frakes:and if we're circulating / commenting / curating anything, the 
> list is probably the best place to vett them
>  Jothan Frakes:so that we get the entire group some exposure to it
>  Jothan Frakes:thank you everyone
>  Jothan Frakes:have a great week
>  Berry Cobb:Mikey, call me if you need help with my proposed plan!  Thanks
>  Mike O'Connor:this workspace gonna be gone Real Soon Now...

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