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[gnso-whois-study] WHOIC Conference Details JULY 08, 2008--15:00 UTC

  • To: "gnso-whois-study@xxxxxxxxx" <gnso-whois-study@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [gnso-whois-study] WHOIC Conference Details JULY 08, 2008--15:00 UTC
  • From: Glen de Saint Géry <Glen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 14:41:58 -0700

Dear All,

There will be a WHOIS study group teleconference on Tuesday 8 July at 15:00 UTC
that is: 08:00 PDT (California), 10:00 CDT (Cedar Rapids), 11:00 EDT 
(Washington DC), 16:00 BST (London), 17:00 CEST (Brussels).

See below for dial-in information.

The GNSO Council at its open meeting in Paris, on Wednesday, 25 June 2008, 
unanimously passed the following WHOIS motion as amended.


On 27 March 2007 the Council resolved to form a group of volunteers to review 
and discuss the 'Report on Public Suggestions on Further Studies of WHOIS'; 
develop a proposed list, if any, of recommended studies for which ICANN staff 
will be asked to provide cost estimates to the Council; and deliver the list of 
recommendations with supporting rationale not later than 24 April 2008

On 16 April the Government Advisory Committee submitted to the ICANN Board 
recommendations for future studies of WHOIS

On 22 May the group of volunteers submitted a report to the Council offering 
two opposing viewpoints on whether studies of WHOIS should be conducted

There was not agreement in the Whois Studies volunteer group regarding whether 
or not any studies should be conducted.

Before finalizing a decision regarding whether any studies should be conducted, 
it should be useful to

1) understand the full set of hypotheses to be tested,
2) determine which of those hypotheses, if tested, might provide useful 
direction with regard to Whois policy, and
3) to ensure that the collection of hypotheses adequately cover alternative 
view points with regard to Whois policy.


To reconvene another group of volunteers, which may include members of the 
earlier group and/or new volunteers to:

Review the study recommendations offered through the public comment period and 
the studies requested by the GAC and, based on those recommendations and that 
request, prepare a concise list of hypotheses.
Deliver a report containing the above with any supporting rationale to the 
Council within 6 weeks.
The Council will then decide whether any potential studies should be further 
considered, and if so, identify hypotheses that it would like the staff to 
determine cost, feasibility, potential methodology, and estimated time frames 
for testing.

If you participated in the WHOIS study group and would like to be removed from 
the list and not participate in this group, please let me know.

Chuck Gomes has volunteered to lead the group.

The following participants are subscribed to the current list:
Chuck Gomes - GNSO Council vice chair -gTLD Registry C - new volunteer
Jordi Iparraguirre - gTLD Registry C
Ken Stubbs - gTLD Registry C
David Maher - gTLD Registry C
Adam Palmer - PIR gTLD Registry C - new volunteer
Steve Metalitz  - IPC
Lee Eulgen -IPC
Steve DelBianco - CBUC
Tony Harris - ISP
Tim Ruiz - Registrar
Paul Stahura - Registrar
James Bladel - Registrar
Stéphane Van Gelder - Registrar
Eric Brunner-Williams -Registrar
Norbert Klein - NCUC
Robin Gross - NCUC
Olga Cavalli - NomCom appointee to Council - new volunteer
Avri Doria - GNSO chair NomCom appointee to Council
Bertrand de la Chapelle - GAC - new volunteer
Danny Younger
Beau Brendler
Wendy Seltzer - ALAC Liaison on the ICANN Board
Alan Greenberg - ALAC Liaison on the GNSO Council - new volunteer

ICANN Staff:
Liz Gasster
Denise Michel
Robert Hoggarth
Patrick Jones
Glen de Saint Géry

Please let me know if you have any questions and whether I have missed anyone.

Thank you very much.
Kind regards,


For security reasons, the passcode will be required to join the call.
Country                             Toll Numbers          Freephone/Toll Free 

ARGENTINA                                                   0800-777-0494
AUSTRALIA           ADELAIDE:      61-8-8121-4862           1-800-880-485
AUSTRALIA           BRISBANE:      61-7-3102-0964           1-800-880-485
AUSTRALIA           CANBERRA:      61-2-6100-1964           1-800-880-485
AUSTRALIA           MELBOURNE:     61-3-9010-7733           1-800-880-485
AUSTRALIA           PERTH:         61-8-9467-5243           1-800-880-485
AUSTRALIA           SYDNEY:        61-2-8211-1386           1-800-880-485
AUSTRIA                            43-1-92-89-654           0800-999-636
BELGIUM                            32-2-402-2432            0800-4-8360
BRAZIL                                                      0800-8912038
CHILE                                                       1230-020-0281
CHINA*                             86-400-810-4760          10800-712-1193
COLOMBIA                                                    01800-9-156463
CZECH REPUBLIC                     420-2-25-98-56-15        800-700-167
DENMARK                            45-7014-0238             8088-6075
FINLAND             Land Line:     106-33-164               0-800-1-12056
FINLAND             Mobile:        09-106-33-164            0-800-1-12056
FRANCE              LYON:          33-4-26-69-12-75         080-511-1431
FRANCE              MARSEILLE:     33-4-86-06-00-75         080-511-1431
FRANCE              PARIS:         33-1-70-75-00-04         080-511-1431
GERMANY                            49-69-2222-52104         0800-216-1601
GREECE                             30-80-1-100-0639         00800-12-5999
HONG KONG                          852-2286-5632            800-964-136
HUNGARY                                                     06-800-15227
INDIA                                                       000-800-852-1216
INDONESIA                                                   001-803-011-3500
IRELAND                            353-1-246-0036           1800-931-782
ISRAEL                                                      1-80-9303048
ITALY                              39-02-3600-0326          800-906-585
JAPAN               OSAKA:         81-6-7739-4763           00531-12-1149
JAPAN               TOKYO:         81-3-5539-5154           00531-12-1149
LUXEMBOURG                         352-27-000-1314
MALAYSIA                                                    1-800-80-8121
MEXICO                                                      001-866-627-0541
NETHERLANDS                        31-20-710-9321           0800-023-4655
NEW ZEALAND                        64-9-970-4641            0800-443-793
NORWAY                             47-21-59-00-14           800-11982
PANAMA                                                      011-001-800-5072119
POLAND                                                      00-800-1210067
PORTUGAL                                                    8008-12179
RUSSIA                                                      8-10-8002-9613011
SINGAPORE                          65-6883-9197             800-120-4057
SLOVAK REPUBLIC                    421-2-322-422-15
SOUTH AFRICA                                                080-09-93390
SOUTH KOREA                        82-2-6744-1052           00798-14800-6323
SPAIN                              34-91-414-15-44          800-099-279
SWEDEN                             46-8-566-10-782          0200-887-612
SWITZERLAND                        41-44-580-7718           0800-000-038
TAIWAN                             886-2-2795-7346          00801-137-565
THAILAND                                                    001-800-1206-65091
UNITED KINGDOM      BIRMINGHAM:    44-121-210-9015          0800-018-0795
UNITED KINGDOM      GLASGOW:       44-141-202-3215          0800-018-0795
UNITED KINGDOM      LEEDS:         44-113-301-2115          0800-018-0795
UNITED KINGDOM      LONDON:        44-20-7019-0812          0800-018-0795
UNITED KINGDOM      MANCHESTER:    44-161-601-1415          0800-018-0795
URUGUAY                                                     000-413-598-3439
USA                                1-210-795-0472           877-818-6787
VENEZUELA                                                   0800-1-00-3205
*Access to your conference call will be either of the numbers listed, dependent 
on the participants' local telecom provider.

Restrictions may exist when accessing freephone/toll free numbers using a 
mobile telephone.

The call will be recorded and there will be a transcript, both will be posted 
on page:

The mail-server list address for the current study group is:
archives can be viewed at:

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat

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