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RE: [gtld-council] Regarding outreach to other groups within ICANN

  • To: "Sophia B" <sophiabekele@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: [gtld-council] Regarding outreach to other groups within ICANN
  • From: "Bruce Tonkin" <Bruce.Tonkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 17:14:18 +1000

Hello Sophia,

>From the ICANN bylaws:

Article X, section 5:


1. The following self-organized Constituencies are hereby recognized as
representative of a specific and significant group of stakeholders and,
subject to the provisions of the Transition Article of these Bylaws,
shall each select two representatives to the GNSO Council:

        a. gTLD Registries (representing all gTLD registries under
contract to ICANN);

        b. Registrars (representing all registrars accredited by and
under contract to ICANN); 

        c. Internet Service and Connectivity Providers (representing all
entities providing Internet service and connectivity to Internet users);

        d. Commercial and Business Users (representing both large and
small commercial entity users of the Internet); 

        e. Non-Commercial Users (representing the full range of
non-commercial entity users of the Internet); and

        f. Intellectual Property Interests (representing the full range
of trademark and other intellectual property interests relating to the

2. The number of votes that members of the GNSO Council may cast shall
be equalized so that the aggregate number of votes of representatives
selected by the Constituencies (currently the gTLD Registries and
Registrars) that are under contract with ICANN obligating them to
implement ICANN-adopted policies is equal to the number of votes of
representatives selected by other Constituencies. Initially, each member
of the GNSO Council selected by the gTLD Registries Constituency or the
Registrars Constituency shall be entitled to cast two votes and all
other members (including those selected by the Nominating Committee)
shall be entitled to cast one vote. In the event that there is a change
in the Constituencies that are entitled to select voting members of the
GNSO Council, the Board shall review the change in circumstances and by
resolution revise the procedure for equalization of votes in a manner
consistent with this paragraph 2.

3. Each Constituency identified in paragraph 1 of this Section shall
maintain its recognition, and thus its ability to select GNSO Council
representatives, only so long as it in fact represents the interests
globally of the stakeholder communities it purports to represent, and
shall operate to the maximum extent feasible in an open and transparent
manner and consistent with procedures designed to ensure fairness. No
individual or entity shall be excluded from participation in a
Constituency merely because of participation in another Constituency. 

4. Any group of individuals or entities may petition the Board for
recognition as a new or separate Constituency. Any such petition shall
contain a detailed explanation of:

        a. Why the addition of such a Constituency will improve the
ability of the GNSO to carry out its policy-development
responsibilities; and 

        b. Why the proposed new Constituency would adequately represent,
on a global basis, the stakeholders it seeks to represent.

Any petition for the recognition of a new Constituency shall be posted
for public comment. 

5. The Board may create new Constituencies in response to such a
petition, or on its own motion, if it determines that such action would
serve the purposes of ICANN. In the event the Board is considering
acting on its own motion it shall post a detailed explanation of why
such action is necessary or desirable, set a reasonable time for public
comment, and not make a final decision on whether to create such new
Constituency until after reviewing all comments received. Whenever the
Board posts a petition or recommendation for a new Constituency for
public comment, it shall notify the GNSO Council and shall consider any
response to that notification prior to taking action.

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