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A few concerns and questions

  • To: gtld-guide@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: A few concerns and questions
  • From: "Dale Craig" <dalecraig@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 13:07:38 -0800 (PST)

1. ICANN, please combine these seven categories to 1 thread. There is a lot of
duplication and I am sure everyone isn't even aware of the 7 different threads.
Also, ICANN should be commenting as well.

2. All the people that have made remarks concerning the opposition of the
introduction of new tld's based on the "dire straights of the economy". I don't 
to be antagonistic, but I have read this concern from maybe 6 or 7 different 
and I cannot understand this issue at all. If as you all say that the economy 
is in
the tank, then who cares? If someone wants to spend $185,000 and an additional
hundred thousand or more for setup and running a tld and then, can 't find 
registrants because of the economy; what's the big deal?

3. Restricted vs Unrestricted Pricing - Anyone that purchases a new tld should 
able to set the pricing at any level they choose because their success or 
will be determined by the pricing anyway. Once that initial pricing is set 
there definitely needs to be guidelines to prevent the registry from 
their registrants by unrestricted price increases. ICANN should establish a
committee that oversees issues concerning price increases to prevent unfair 
This of course should apply to all tld's.

Dale Craig

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