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Re: Proposed ICANN

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  • Subject: Re: Proposed ICANN
  • From: "Robert Lafaye" <rlafaye@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 19:49:15 -0600

My concern is that ICANN will not be able to assert the authority that it

has to "police" registrars on behalf of domain registrants rendering ICANN

ineffective and obsolete - much like the United Nations has become. ICANN

the responsibility to regulate the registrars on behalf of those who

and enriched them. I am a relatively new registrant and have invested

thousand dollars, long hours and hard work in acquiring over 450 hand

domain names most of which are .com extension but not necessarily of
"premium" value.

I would be reluctant and hard pressed to renew registrations if they were
allowed to be

randomly assessed higher renewal rates by the registrars.
Furthermore, it is my opinion that ICANN already has the responsibility to

the registrars from hoarding domains that are not renewed and deemed
valuable enough

to sell on the aftermarket. All domains that are not renewed should fall
back into

the pool of available domains without the control of the registrars and
their ability

to hoard and snatch them up for their own gain.

I can see how the .tv extension would be priced much like the price of ad

on network television but when it comes to .com, .net, .org and the other

pioneer extensions ICANN needs to protect it's registrants.



Robert Lafaye
Houston, Texas

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