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Report of Possible Process Options for Further Consideration of the ICM Application for the .XXX sTLD

  • To: icm-options-report@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Report of Possible Process Options for Further Consideration of the ICM Application for the .XXX sTLD
  • From: Dave Pounder <davepounder@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 13:43:15 -0400

I am a member of the adult entertainment industry. I support Option # 1 of
the March 26, 2010 process options submitted by ICANN for public comment.
 The Free Speech Coalition, an adult industry trade group, is suggesting
that the industry is opposed to this measure.  There are plenty of people,
including myself, in the adult industry that strongly support the creation
of a .XXX sTLD. and believe that the ICANN Board was not within its rights
to deny ICM's application in the 2007 Board meeting in Lisbon.

Creating and mandating a top-level .xxx domain to house all adult websites
on the Internet is an effective method of combating child access to online
pornography.  Just as it makes sense to group non-profit, government, and
education sites into .org, .gov, and .edu domains, respectively, it makes
sense to classify adult sites in the .xxx domain. This would allow parents
to block access to .xxx domains through their browsers, where only an unlock
code set by the parents could re-establish access, and it would also allow
internet service providers (ISPs) to block .xxx domains upon customer
request.  In the event an internet provider decided to become the 'moral'
ISP by blocking all .xxx domains to their customers, the free market theory
would hold that other ISPs would enter the market to meet that demand. .XXX
is an ideal solution that allows for continued online access of adult
content to those who choose to consume it, while restricting access to
children and other adults who do not wish to view adult material. Everybody

Regardless of the option chosen, I ask that ICANN continue to consider the
widespread support of the sponsored community in any further decisions
concerning a .XXX sTLD.


Dave Pounder
President, Dave Pounder Productions

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