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XXX is too flawed to be considered

  • To: <icm-options-report@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: XXX is too flawed to be considered
  • From: "Tickler" <tickler@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 15:25:44 -0400

I strongly reject the need for a .XXX TLD.

Some points:
1) ICM says they have industry support, but I've never seen any on any 
webmaster boards or personal contacts. A lot those pre-registered domains 
probably belong to the domain parks/squatters which are not really part of the 
adult industry. Creation of a .xxx TLD does NOT appear to have the support of 
the adult content community for which it supposedly is being created. Those 
pre-registering to protect their intellectual property rights should not be 
considered in anyway as support for the XXX domain. I also believe ICM should 
make publicly available information to back up their claim of support, so it 
can be verified by actual industry parties.

2) ICM has also indicated they will only allow people in the adult industry to 
buy domains:
- How do they decide whether people are "in the industry"
- Domain squatters/brokers/parks are not part of the industry
- What if Google, Microsoft, Coke, etc. want/need to grab the .XXX versions of 
their domains to protect their TMs

3) ICM has floated some nebulous plans about some kind of best practices group, 
while most of us already do 2257, RTA, ICRA labeling to keep kids away. Again 
there is no details as to what this group is supposed to actually do.

4) I can't find anything but some general comments about figuring out which 
.com .net .org gets the .XXX domain, but nothing firm or detailed on how these 
disputes will be resolved. 

5) I have no plans of registering any .XXX versions of my domains. But I will 
quickly be grabbing back any that other people try to register( & not renewing 
them). And I will personally be going for costs & damages. And possibly 
criminal charges.

6) So how does ICANN/ICM plan to control TMs & copyrights when there are 
literally millions of them worldwide. Is ICANN prepared to get into millions of 
domain disputes recurring year after year, and all the associated costs? 

7) What will prevent somebody new from creating .SEX or .PORN in the future, 
and also extorting more money just to protect our IPs & TMs?

8) ICM says they will allocate funds to combat government censorship attempts. 
Those types of cases cost millions of $$$s. There is already a large number of 
countries(Australia, Belgium, etc.) working on bans/filters. So lets see some 
proof were this warchest is being adequately funded in their business plan to 
effectively fight these legal wars against governments.

9) With the ICANN decision separating registars from registries, where is ICM 
going to get all this money to do all this expensive stuff?

10) Finally ICANN already decided that it should not be in the 
censorship/content regulation business. Should a medical textbook showing 
"naughty bits" be on the .XXX domain, or how about some nude works of art. Who 

I totally REJECT any need for the XXX domain!!!!!!

ICANN can only find itself getting buried in disputes & content regulation 
which is not their purpose

ICM has failed to document any industry support, or a workable detailed plan to 
proceed with XXX

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