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save our communications

  • To: net-agreement-renewal@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: save our communications
  • From: Sam Smith <42margaret@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 12:14:45 -0700

Please, please allow us to continue the present .net spaces.

The corporations who are pushing the agenda of total control are anti-innovation in that anything they do not control by copyright is to be deemed illegal.

I have the right of free communication and sharing what I create with whoever I wish. If I create a picture or write an article, I have the right to use it as I wish.

"Site operators accused of copyright infringement should be sued in the appropriate courts, which can issue injunctions during or after the proceeding, on the basis of evidence. It is not appropriate to ask Verisign to adjudicate technically complex copyright claims. The outcome will be similar to what we've seen already: overreaching claims, seizures of legitimate sites, and a shoot-first, ask-questions-later approach characteristic of the IPC's members."


Unlike Happy Mutants or the IPC, many domain registrants are private individuals, lacking a commercial office, PO box or other address for use in domain registration. Compelling registrars to publish their customers' home addresses on the public Internet isn't a "best practice" -- it's a privacy disaster in the making, a gift to identity thieves and stalkers, and anything but common sense. We don't publish our home addresses on the Internet, and neither do the people who pay the bills at the IPC. Why should everyone else be required to, just to save the IPC's members the trouble of securing a court order when they believe their rights are being infringed?"

This is ANTI-SMALL BUSINESS at it's worst.

Thank you,  Susan Lehrer

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