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Afilias Response to R. Tindal Feb 3 Posting

  • To: <net-rfp-general@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Afilias Response to R. Tindal Feb 3 Posting
  • From: "Scott Hemphill" <shemphill@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 14:40:05 -0500

In response to S. Bortzmeyer's comments, Afilias provided clarifications to
address a few text conversion issues that affected how our proposal appeared
on the ICANN site. One of the clarifications was in regard to the SLA chart
provided, which included "extended planned outage."  

The text in the posted version appears garbled, making it difficult for
those who would like to make public comments to accurately assess our SLA
commitments. The clarification: 1) re-formats the chart to make it readable;
and 2) changes the "8" in the 14th indicator (hours/quarter) to "0" to avoid
any potential misunderstanding regarding the total amount of extended
planned outage Afilias is proposing.  The substance of our commitment
regarding extended planned outage is unchanged:  a maximum of 8 hours per
month, which consists of the 8 hours of planned outage time allowed for that
month, with no additional time permitted.  This is the same commitment as
exists in our contract for .INFO. 

There is no substantive difference between the chart that is posted on the
ICANN site, and the one in the reply to S. Bortzmeyer.  As the reply made
clear, none of the clarifications are substantive changes.  They were
provided simply to assist those reading or commenting upon our .NET

Readers may of course disregard the clarifications, if they prefer.


Scott Hemphill
VP & General Counsel
Afilias Limited

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