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[npoc] Fwd: [NCSG-Discuss] NCUC Organizational News 13.01.13

  • To: Robin Gross <robin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, npoc@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: [npoc] Fwd: [NCSG-Discuss] NCUC Organizational News 13.01.13
  • From: Alain Berranger <alain.berranger@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 15:23:47 -0500

Hi Robin,

This is a good example of NCSG-Discuss being used solely for NCUC purposes.
I think it is real time to remove that irritant for NPOC members and for
NCUC to have its own email list like NPOC. Then we can use NCSG-Discuss for
SG wide discussions only. Do you think this is reasonable? Can we please
include on the NCSG meeting agenda in LA.

Thanks, Alain

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From: Grace Mutung'u (Bomu) <nmutungu@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 1:36 PM
Subject: Re: [NCSG-Discuss] NCUC Organizational News 13.01.13
To: NCSG-DISCUSS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hello all,
Happy new year!
I would be happy to serve in the Charter revision committee.
looking forward

2013/1/15, Anthony Nweke <anthony.nweke@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Greetings,
>>> My name is Anthony Nweke. I'd like to volunteer for service on the
>>> Finance Committee. I am from Nigeria but currently reside temporarily in
>>> Aberdeen in the United Kingdom. I recently completed an MBA at the
>>> University of Aberdeen so hope the skills I've learnt will enable me to
>>> help the Committee. I also have a bachelors degree in Communications
>>> Engineering. And prior to coming to the UK I spent over 5 years working
>>> for the greatest indigenous e-Payments and Information Technology firm
>>> Nigeria (Interswitch Limited) in various fields including Business
>>> Development, International Field Support, Infrastructure/Technology
>>> Management, Training and Consulting.
>>> I have just been admitted into the NCUC, so I am excited and really
>>> looking forward to spending some valuable time volunteering for ICANN.
>>> Best Regards,
>>> Anthony
> On 13 Jan 2013, at 16:27, William Drake <william.drake@xxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> One of the things I'd like to happen going forward is regular monthly
>> reporting back to NCUC members by the EC on any noteworthy organizational
>> and policy matters.  We don't have a mechanism in place yet to coordinate
>> a collective effort on this, so I'll get it started with a few notes on
>> recent developments.
>> 1. New Executive Committee
>> On 3 December the 2012 election results were announced. Our new EC
>> includes
>> Chair:  Bill Drake  <william.drake@xxxxxx>
>> Africa:  Wilson Abigaba  <wilson@xxxxxxx>
>> Asia/Australia/Pacific: Norbert Klein <nhklein@xxxxxxx>
>> Europe: Tapani Tarvainen  <ncuc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Latin America/Caribbean: Carlos A. Afonso <ca@xxxxxxxxxx>
>> North America: Edward Morris <edward.morris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Since the 13th (post-WCIT) the EC has begun to get organized and by the
>> end of January we should have more to report on various items.  In the
>> meanwhile, members who want to know what's being discussed, provide
>> offer to help with tasks and so on can always visit the EC list archive
>> http://mailman.ctyme.com/pipermail/ec-ncuc/ and be in touch here or via
>> the addresses above, as appropriate.
>> 2.  Appointments to NCSG Committees
>> Due to the delayed election timing the new EC came in already behind
>> schedule on some housekeeping items.  One of the first things we needed
>> get done was to fill these slots so NCSG internal and GNSO work could
>> proceed without hiccups.  Accordingly, the EC has made the following
>> appointments until the 2013 annual meeting:
>> a.  NCSG EC https://community.icann.org/display/gnsononcomstake/NCSG-EC
>> Rafik Dammak
>> Milton Mueller [both continuing]
>> b.  NCSG PC  https://community.icann.org/display/gnsononcomstake/NCSG-PC
>> Mary Wong
>> Avri Doria [replacing Brenden and Konstantinos]
>> c.  NCSG FC  https://community.icann.org/display/gnsononcomstake/NCSG-FC
>> Milton Mueller [continuing]
>> 3.  Functional Work Teams
>> In my candidate statement
>> I argued that it'd make sense to have
>>> A more active EC team in which each member has defined responsibilities
>>> entailing at least one or two hours of individual work per week beyond
>>> reading email.  I’d love it if EC members would each take the lead on
>>> coordinating specific functional tasks and assemble work teams of
>>> interested members to deal with items like:
>>> o   In-reach and engagement of existing members, updating of the
>>> membership list
>>> o   outreach to potential new members (it’d also be nice if each
>>> representative could bring on a few folks from their regions per year)
>>> o   e-platform improvement and updating
>>> o   external communications/publicity
>>> o   finance (dealing with the ICANN budget process, external fundraising
>>> for initiatives, etc.)
>>> Or something like this…to be discussed… This is the kind of functional
>>> division of labor I’ve seen work better in other civil society
>>> organizations and coalitions, including ones I’ve led, and some
>>> in that direction could be helpful.  What plainly has not worked well is
>>> for everything to just default to one maxed out volunteer.
>> Nobody has argued against this sort of approach and some folks on and off
>> the EC have expressed interest in helping with particular tasks.  So now
>> we'd like to begin to constitute teams/groups/whatever we want to call
>> them on the five tasks above, plus one other I forgot to mention, the
>> overdue and urgent task of revising our Charter (ideally by the summer
>> a vote prior to the next EC vote).  Conversations have been underway in
>> the EC and beyond to get some folks on board each to start, and so far
>> there have been expressions of interest/willingness to be involved from
>> the following folks (apologies to anyone I've forgotten, or conversely
>> who's surprised to be listed based on prior conversations). Oh, and I
>> should add that while from a coordination and info flow standpoint it'd
>> usually be easiest if EC members were the coordinators, this doesn't rule
>> out the possibility of experienced, plug n play non-EC people serving is
>> these capacities, as is reflected below.
>>  In-reach/member engagement
>> TBD  [Coordinator]
>> Edward Morris
>> Rafik Dammak
>> Bill Drake
>> Outreach/new member recruitment
>> Edward Morris  [Coordinator]
>> Bill Drake
>> E-platforms
>> Wilson Abigaba   [Coordinator]
>> Edward Morris
>> Tapani Tarvainen
>> David Cake
>> Brenden Kuerbis
>> Bill Drake
>> Communications/PR
>> Mary Wong  [Coordinator]
>> Bill Drake
>> Finance
>> Milton Mueller  [Coordinator]
>> Brenden Kuerbis
>> Maria Farrell
>> Bill Drake
>> Charter Revision
>> Bill Drake  [Coordinator]
>> Edward Morris
>> Obviously, we need more EC and regular members to populate these groups,
>> share the workload, and get things moving.  Pretty much any amount of
>> and energy beyond zero will make a difference and be much appreciated, so
>> please consider getting involved.  Reply on list or privately, as you
>> like.
>> 4.  Web Spaces/E-Platforms
>> Once we have teams associated with each of these functions, we should put
>> them on the web and set up communication channels for them to work.  This
>> goes to some of the larger e-platform questions we've been contemplating
>> in the EC.  Clearly, NCUC's public ning site needs some serious
>> rethinking/refreshing and we may even want to consider moving to another
>> platform down the line.  But in the meanwhile, I'd argue it would make
>> sense to refresh the list of groups there http://ncuc.org/groups by a)
>> creating spaces for the new teams and list the people associated with
>> them; b) deciding whether the teams should work there or on listservs
>> and c) if possible, for institutional memory purposes, create a space on
>> the site called Previous Groups and dump all the old ones there, rather
>> than simply deleting them.
>> Again, nothing we do now to get started locks us into a final decision
>> about the website.  If all the web wizards decide a Ning is not the best
>> for us and want to migrate to some other platform, we can deal with that
>> then.  But for now let's get some web presence going so people know we're
>> alive and they can join and participate.
>> Just to repeat again in case any members are unaware, NCUC's web presence
>> is rather spread around and in need of more consistency and maintenance,
>> e.g.
>> 1.  NCUC.org  [the public face…unfortunately most content quite dated,
>> especially member pages etc]
>> 2.  NCUC @ GNSO's public pages
>> http://gnso.icann.org/en/about/stakeholders-constituencies/ncsg/ncuc [in
>> process of revision]
>> 3.  NCUC @ Confluence
>> https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=8945848
>> [Confluence is the ICANN provided workspace]
>> A meta-question to consider is whether we want to continue to maintain
>> both NCUC.org and Confluence with some bits of parallel content, redefine
>> the division of labor between them etc…
>> I think that's enough for one message…
>> Best,
>> Bill
>> ***************************************************
>> William J. Drake
>> International Fellow & Lecturer
>>   Media Change & Innovation Division, IPMZ
>>   University of Zurich, Switzerland
>>   www.williamdrake.org
>> Chair, Noncommercial Users Constituency,
>>   ICANN, www.ncuc.org
>> william.drake@xxxxxx
>> ****************************************************

Grace L.N. Mutung'u (Bomu)
Skype: gracebomu
Twitter: @Bomu
Website: http://www.diplointernetgovernance.org/profile/GraceMutungu

Alain Berranger, B.Eng, MBA
Member, Board of Directors, CECI,
Executive-in-residence, Schulich School of Business, www.schulich.yorku.ca
Treasurer, Global Knowledge Partnership Foundation, www.gkpfoundation.org
NA representative, Chasquinet Foundation, www.chasquinet.org
Chair, NPOC, NCSG, ICANN, http://npoc.org/
O:+1 514 484 7824; M:+1 514 704 7824
Skype: alain.berranger

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