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[npoc] Fwd: No sync between member list and voter list ...

  • To: "npoc@xxxxxxxxx" <npoc@xxxxxxxxx>, Glen de Saint Gery <glen@xxxxxxxxx>, "gnso-secs@xxxxxxxxx" <gnso-secs@xxxxxxxxx>, Gisella Gruber <Gisella.Gruber@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [npoc] Fwd: No sync between member list and voter list ...
  • From: Alain Berranger <alain.berranger@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 09:52:30 -0400

Merci Marie-laure, Colleagues,

The subject title is quite incorrect and let me tell you why.

The list on the NPOC website is not complete. Let me tell you what I did.

When I took over the membership activities on an emergency basis from Klaus
(prior to Beijing) who resigned from his Membership Committee Chair
position just before we had to produce the list of eligible voters, I took
6 days (yes, 6 full days!) to clean up the members' list and produce an
eligible voters' list (all on that list  responded and designated the
voting representative). The NPOC mmebership would be quite surprised to see
a redundant attempt to do what has already been done! It would make the
current NPOC Executive appear disorganized!

 PLEASE, The GNSO Secretariat is fully informed (and Glen has the latest
list) and maybe it would be a good idea if you worked with Glen and GNSO
Secretariat to ensure continuity and make use of the work I did, no? Every
member on the NPOC-Voice list (over 110+) was contacted by  me and as a
result, the eligible voters list was established at that time. It  needs
only to be updated with recent new members' approval if any were approved.
Cintra, who is on the NCSG-EC has access to that information (check with
Robin if needed).

I hope this helps...

In  conclusion you should work with the latest list sent to GNSO
Secretariat. You should update from there and not reinvent the wheel!

Cheers, Alain

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From: Marie Laure Lemineur <mllemineur@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 10:49 AM
Subject: Fwd: No sync between member list and voter list ...
To: Berranger Alain <alain.berranger@xxxxxxxxx>


Desolee de deranger mais est- ce que tu pourais expliquer au groupe la
logique de la liste... Rudi ne comprend pas la difference entre le nombre
devotants et le nombre de membres. J'ai pense que une explication de ta
part serait utile!
Bonne journee

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*Para:* "Rudi Vansnick" <rudi.vansnick@xxxxxxx>,"Lemineur Marie-Laure" <
mllemineur@xxxxxxxxx>,"Stoll Klaus" <klaus.stoll@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,"Ileleji
Poncelet" <pileleji@xxxxxxx>,"Gutierrez Monge Eduardo" <
eduardo.monge@xxxxxxxxx>,"Amber Sterling" <asterling@xxxxxxxx>
*Asunto:* *Re: No sync between member list and voter list ...*
*Responder a:* cintra.sooknanan@xxxxxxxxx

Dear Rudi
the list i have sent has 35 members. The Information field listed was
inserted by Alain not me.

------Original Message------
From: Rudi Vansnick
To: Sooknanan Cintra
To: Lemineur Marie-Laure
To: Stoll Klaus
To: Ileleji Poncelet
To: Gutierrez Monge Eduardo
To: Amber Sterling
Subject: No sync between member list and voter list ...
Sent: Jun 19, 2013 5:10 AM

Dear all,

This is the list of members as they are published on our website. I
consider this being an official list as it is public !
Based on this list, we have 36 members and the list as was given by Cintra
has only 22 voting members.
But when looking at the full list with not only the ****** numbered 1 to
22, I see almost all of the members been listed in yellow, in stead of the
**** listed with na.

Can we check all those with "na" in order to know if they are a voter ? We
urgently need to send messages to those members requiring completion of the
voting representative before 22/6 !

All those not responding will automatically be eliminated for voting in
these elections !

Kind regards

Rudi Vansnick

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