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Protection of trademarks and copyrights

  • To: <proposed-protection-mechanisms@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Protection of trademarks and copyrights
  • From: "Curtis Neeley Jr." <Curtis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 12:27:35 -0600

A registrar that violated my TMs and copyrights regularly advertises
personal WHOIS data for TM'd domains that are about to expire.
They allege that this is required by ICANN and link to the policies of ICANN
as their well-worn excuse.  This is a fraudulent act.
It appears that the WHOIS database is misused by them as a WHENIS.
They sell what they call "privacy" and then offer to obscure the registrant.
Why is it accepted to sell a service that makes the registrant contact
information unavailable for an immediate query?
Why should buying a domain be treated like buying a lottery ticket that
might pay off so? The domain name "industry" is a total fraud.
Expiration dates that are accessible in a WHOIS database complies with the
ICANN policy.
Registrars who run advertisements of domains that are nearing or slightly
past their expiration dates will soon be prohibited.
ICANN is aware of the situation and could easily end it.
I am going to FORCE this to occur in the United States Courts.
Would you like to follow my demonstration to the jury?

--  Take one thousand dollar bill and hand it to one of the twelve jurors.
--  Instruct them all to place both fists forward so that there are
twenty-four fists with one containing the bill.
--  State that the ICANN requirement about registration disclosure can be
compared to my next juror instructions.
--  Tell the jurors that if asked if the bill is in a particular hand they
must truthfully answer.
--  This is EXACTLY what is mandated by ICANN.
--  What are the chances are for guessing the correct hand with the bill out
of the twenty-four choices?
The answer is four-point-two percent.
--  What will the percent be to find one bill with  35,196,272 additional
people with two hands extended?
--  Cite the source of the estimate of the number of web domains in August
--  Explain that the odds change to .000001406  percent chance of selecting
the correct hand.
--  .00000001406 is extremely close to no chance at all.
--  One would have four times the chances of guessing the winning lottery
number than guessing the correct domain to examine.
--  Perhaps this explains better how much the registrar who published and
advertised my expiring domains violated my private data?

This registrar is regularly helping Google Inc. license  domains to turn the
domains area of browsers into just another search input.  Registrars profit
by advertising domain that are about to expire.  They consider all domains
to be their own inventory.
This inventory can be registered somewhere else when advertised, but are
almost never allowed to simply expire.
There is a quiet "industry-wide" acceptance that any short domain that is
potentially descriptive has a value when licensed.
The "domain industry" and this registrar in particular conspires with Google
Inc - "AdSense for Domains" and other search providers to make the address
bar just another search form entry.

The pattern of business is extremely contrary to US TM and copyright law.
Why has nobody brought a case like this before?

The registrar in my situation has until 5:00 PM CST to offer me two million
or face a jury for a punitive award in 5:09cv05151

Curtis J Neeley Jr, MFA

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