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A better solution than .xxx domain names

  • To: registry-services@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: A better solution than .xxx domain names
  • From: J Risner <jay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 09:19:49 -0500

Here's a simple, yet more comprehensive solution to filtering of Web sites for 'adult' content than the recently proposed .xxx domain.

ALL Web site pages should have a meta-tag for 'rating' the Site based on content, similar to the way the movie industry, video games and even television is rated. For starters it could be as simple as "G" for general public to "M" for mature or 'adult' (because, obviously, not all 'adult' material is pornography. There is a vast volume of content online that is not suitable for children, yet it is not 'pornography' either.)

Registrars (ie: Network Solution, Go Daddy, etc.) can be notified of the newly required meta-tag as prescribed by ICANN and can then simply forward the notification to their clients. The notification can easily provide sample code and list the brief description of each rating. Web site administrators / owners can simply add this new meta-tag to their Web site pages.

Browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Firefox, etc.) can be encouraged to add preferences allowing users to adjust their browser settings to filter these new meta-tags as desired (ie: 'reject all mature / adult Web site pages (rating of "M")'). It would behoove browser providers to implement this. Failure to do so would simply result in loss of market share as users to switch to 'friendlier' browsers that have implemented the new setting.

If a Site fails to have the new tag then violations can be reported to the registrar (ie: Network Solution, Go Daddy, etc.). Those companies can then follow procedures provided by ICANN to determine a recommended course of action; any where from a reminder (if the Site content is fit for the general public) to deactivation of the domain or even blacklisting the Site owner.

Fines would have to be handled by the national government of which a Web site owner is a citizen. This is beyond the governance of ICANN.

As the next generation of browsers begins to include settings for the new meta-tag, the default setting could simple reject any Web site page that does not have the meta-tag.

Since this new measure applies to ALL Web sites the pornography industry will not feel singled out and therefore will be less likely to fight it. It's only a matter of time before the public outcry for some type of Web site rating can no longer be ignored. This measure addresses such a concern now.

Jay Risner
Creative Director
(phone) 785.770.8863
(fax) 817.796.1908

Creating Innovative Solutions, One Client at a Time.


<x-tad-smaller>Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in. - Napoleon Bonaparte, 1815</x-tad-smaller>

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