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Re: Your Action on Domain Name Tasting is Requested - September 15th Deadline

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  • Subject: Re: Your Action on Domain Name Tasting is Requested - September 15th Deadline
  • From: Dr. Szigeti Éva <szigeti@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 15:42:51 +0200

Dear Mr. Di Gangi,
Please find attached the answers to the questions in the above matter.
Very truly yours, 
Director of Trademark Operation
DANUBIA Patent and Law Office
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 -----Original Message-----
From: Claudio Di Gangi, INTA External Relations Manager, Internet and Judiciary 
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007 10:09 PM
To: Dr. Szigeti Éva
Subject: Your Action on Domain Name Tasting is Requested - September 15th 

 International Trademark Association - Representing Trademark Owners Since 1878 

Dear Eva,

As the size and importance of the Internet grows, The International Trademark 
Association continues to support public policy that promotes intellectual 
property as an element of fair and effective national and international 

Today, INTA would like to draw your attention to an important Internet policy 
development that requires your response by September 15th:

ICANN, the Internet's governing body, is seeking feedback from Internet 
stakeholders on whether to proscribe an emerging practice known as Domain Name 

Domain Name Tasting is described by ICANN as:

*                                 The systematic exploitation, by registrants, 
of a post registration refund period - typically five days - for the purposes 
of gaining access to domain names without cost and testing their profitability 
during the five day period.

Domain Name Tasting is of particular concern to trademark owners because:

*                                 The short timeframes involved in registering, 
deleting and re-registering domain names means that some registrants may be 
profiting from the short-term use of trademark variations. 

*                                 Existing legal and dispute resolution 
mechanisms may not be cost effective or sufficiently timely to deal with all 
the infringement or typo-squatting activity that may occur as a result of 
domain name tasting. 

*                                 In just one month (March) this year, 
registrants tasted over 50 million domain names.

Paul Twomey, President of ICANN, discussed Domain Name Tasting with INTA's 
Board of Directors during the 2007 Annual Meeting, and INTA's Internet 
Committee has worked to encourage ICANN to address these concerns.

Because of these efforts, ICANN is now reviewing the practice of Domain Name 
Tasting, and is seeking the opinions of Internet stakeholders via two online 
questionnaires posted to its website.

One poll, which was developed by the ICANN Intellectual Property Constituency 
(of which INTA is a member), is specifically designed to gather feedback from 
individual trademark owners and their counsel.

Even if you are unsure whether your brands or trademarks have been subject to 
Domain Name Tasting, INTA strongly recommends that you complete these surveys 
to protect your interests against this potentially harmful practice.

Please find instructions and access to the online polls via this link:


Please reply at your earliest convenience, keeping in mind the September 15, 
2007 deadline.

Should you have any questions or if you require further assistance, please 
contact me at: +1-212-642-1720 or cdigangi@xxxxxxxx

Thank you for expressing your concerns to ICANN on this important Internet 
policy matter.


Claudio Di Gangi 
External Relations Manager 
Internet & Judiciary  

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