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  • To: settlement-comments@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Comments
  • From: Larry Johnson <larry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 14:24:23 -0800

I am opposed to the proposed settlement . The proposed rate increases don't 
help the Internet as a whole but only those collecting the money.

I need to state that my time on this network medium goes back to a time when my 
company was commissioned to help maintain a section of NSF Net.  The Internet 
was born from that and other networks.  It was designed and built in the US. 
Transferring control of this to any other body such as the UN is inconceivable 
to me. The UN is 83% funded by US taxpayers but they really know how to bite 
the hand that feeds them. It is yet another example of technology that we 
design but give control to others.  There are those of us that have GIVEN 
thousands of hours of our time to organizations such as the IETF.  I have not 
seen Verisign donate anything but rather their hand is always stuck out wanting 
paid.  I have seen IP allocations issued based on the "Good old boy" principle 
where large companies can have 3/4 of a 16 million (Class A) allocation unused 
but when they want more address space they get it. There is many things that 
need fixed and this settlement is a step in the wrong dir!

Larry  Johnson 

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