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Achieve broader representativeness in NCSG by approving the NCUC charter proposal

  • To: sg-petitions-charters@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Achieve broader representativeness in NCSG by approving the NCUC charter proposal
  • From: Brenden Kuerbis <bnkuerbi@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 23:29:27 -0400

The IPC, in it's comment submitted 15 April 2009 (
appears to be attempting to re-open the Board's resolution of 28 August
2008, which endorsed the WG-GCR report and approved the division of seats in
the new non-contracted party house (6 from the Commercial Stakeholder Group,
and 6 from the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group).

The NCUC as currently comprised acknowledges and accepts the BGC's view that
a new NCSG should go beyond the current membership of the NCUC (as detailed
in the BGC report of 3 February 2008, approved by the Board on 26 June
2008). It is the view of those who submitted the proposed new NCSG
charter on 16 March 2009 that:
(1) the charter will go further than the existing NCUC processes, as well as
the charters submitted by the other existing ICANN Constituencies to ensure
broader, more diverse and greater participation and membership by (a)
minimizing barriers to membership/entry for both individuals and
organizations; (b) ensuring that minority views are represented; and (c)
allowing for the easy formation (subject to Board approval) of new
constituencies; and

(2) the IPC's critique of the re-seating of the 3 existing NCUC Councillors
fails to recognize that this is simply a one-off transition move. Given the
tremendous workload and incredibly short ramping-up time new Councillors
have to become familiar with ICANN processes, acronyms, bylaws and
operations, it is simply not feasible to expect any constituency/SG to hold
elections and seat new Councillors by the Sydney meeting. Further, the GNSO
Improvements Process itself recognizes the need to ensure transitional
continuity (e.g. by the possibility, now being discussed within the GNSO
Council, of having staggered terms for Councillors) and for proper training
of Councillors. It is thus entirely possible that the new NCSG may, upon
formation, hold elections for new Councillors; the current NCSG charter
proposal merely suggests a that re-seating incumbent Councillors is a
transitory stage to such elections.

On a more personal note, and to the IPC's expressed concerns about
representativeness, I am a new individual member of the NCUC.  As a
university-based researcher, with research project ties to foundations
interested in ICANN policy making, as well as an individual registrant, I
fall into several of the Board's desired categories of noncommercial
representation.  What is more important is that, after several years of
observing ICANN, I chose to participate in the NCUC when I recognized the
opportunity presented by the GNSO reform.  I hope that the Board will not
squander this chance to improve representation of noncommercial interests.
Please approve the NCUC's charter proposal, and seat the NCSG's Councillors
without delay.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenden Kuerbis

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