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SSAC Retreat Public Forum Summary & Analysis

  • To: "ssac-retreat-2009@xxxxxxxxx" <ssac-retreat-2009@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: SSAC Retreat Public Forum Summary & Analysis
  • From: Julie Hedlund <julie.hedlund@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 06:38:52 -0700

Summary and analysis of public comments for:

SSAC Retreat 2009

Comment period ended: 08 September 2009

Summary published: 09 September 2009

Preparation by: Julie Hedlund, Director, SSAC Support


ICANN's Security & Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) is proposing to hold a 
retreat 30 September - 1 October 2009. The retreat would inform SSAC members, 
and help the committee prioritize its activities and prepare a work plan. SSAC 
requested input on the proposed retreat, including substantive items that merit 
SSAC attention.

In particular, SSAC requested comments on the proposed topics for the retreat:
1) SSAC Operations and Coordination
* SSAC Charter, Member Roles, Workflow
* SSAC Review Outcomes, Engagement with ICANN Bodies
2) Substantive/Informational Issues
* Registrant Protection & Abusive Behavior
* DNS as an Attack Vector
* SSAC/ICANN Role in Routing
* Root Server System Robustness & its Future
* Security & Stability of the Internet (Gaming & Structural Issues with ICANN 

In addition, to assist the SSAC in long-term planning and operational 
efficiencies, SSAC solicited comments on other issues that might be useful to 
discuss in depth at the retreat.


At the time this summary was prepared, a total of 4 community submissions were 
posted to the forum.  One comment was unrelated to the topic at hand; thus, 
there were 3 relevant comments.  The contributors, all individuals, are listed 
below in chronological order by posting date (with initials noted in 
parentheses).  The initials will be used in the foregoing narrative to identify 
specific quoted contributions.

*    George Kirikos (GK)
*    Moses Boone (MB) - Unrelated Comment
*    Stephane Bortzmeyer (SB)
*    KC Claffy (KC)


This document is intended to broadly and comprehensively summarize the comments 
of the various contributors to this forum but not to address every specific 
argument or position stated by any or all contributors.  The Staff recommends 
that readers interested in specific aspects of any of the summarized comments 
or the full context of others refer directly to the specific contributions.

Of the comments, two of them - those of GK and KC - suggested topics either for 
discussion at the proposed SSAC retreat or for a future discussion.  The 
comment by SB was a rebuttal of the suggestion made by GK.  Specifically, GK 
suggested that the SSAC should study the issue of placing on reserve the most 
popular invalid TLDs, as well as compiling relevant statistics on them.  SB 
strongly objected to this suggestion. In particular, SB said that reservation 
of the most popular invalid TLDs would "give a weapon to any software vendor 
which could block any TLD, just by reconfiguring it by default in its 
programs."  SB further argued that he is "aware that Microsoft and Apple both 
hardwired '.local' in their operating systems" but that this does not mean the 
TLD should be blocked.  He added that reserving the most popular invalid TLDs 
would "set a very bad precedent and a recognition of the use of force."

KC provided two suggestions for topics to be considered at the SSAC retreat.  
First, she said the SSAC should discuss comments on the ICANN transition, what 
happens at the expiration date, and what SSAC's role could have been or was 
during that process. Second, KC suggested that the SSAC should discuss new 
gTLDs at the retreat and added that useful supplemental information would any 
reports ICANN has sponsored or requested on the new gTLDs transition and to 
subject these reports to a 'peer review' at the retreat.


The SSAC will consider all the relevant community input and move forward with 
suggestions for additional topics for the retreat and/or future reports.

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