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sTLD refers to users

  • To: stld-rfp-cat@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: sTLD refers to users
  • From: topi <topi@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 12:00:14 +0200

this is my brief contribution to this discussion, it only would like
make visible the reality of cultures in the Internet

first of all, and after have been read some of the previous
contributions, i would like to clear some points:

1) .cat is *not* refered to Catalonia but to catalan culture and

2) Catalonia is not the only part where catalan culture exists, because
of that i will refer to users of catalan culture from now,

3) catalan culture users are specially active on the Internet today but,
they must look for some neutral TLD when they publish contents on the
web... and i think no neutrality exists in a US point of view,

some other things happening are:

4) little islands in the pacific, where access to the internet is very
limited, have been assigned to a TLD. this islands, usually, can
transfer it to other countries,

5) these islands, in the most of the cases are cultures with no activity
on the internet, and they don't want to become active,

concluding, while nobody plans to take little islands TLD down, cultures
without state would be able to have their presence on the Internet, not
doing so is *not* neutrality but everything else. users of cultures
without state have the rights to be recognised as a culture, with no
implications on politics levels. thinking about that would clarify that
Internet serves to users and practices, not to states or laws. every
catalan Internet professionals are afraid of a decision that will have a
negative effect on users.

best wishes,

Antoni Garcia i Navarro
IT Professional
(Open Source System Administrator and Network Application Developer)

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