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Support to .cat

  • To: stld-rfp-general@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Support to .cat
  • From: "Alexander Reuss" <alexreuss@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 13:27:36 +0200 (MEST)

Ich shicke Ihnen diese Nachricht, um einen gute Anlass zu helfen.

Support to .cat 

The Catalan language has for centuries been spoken in
the same territories. Right now these territories form part of
four different states (Andorra ad, France fr, Italy it, and
Spain es). 

Thus I understand the request not to be based on political borders, 
but rather on linguistic and cultural grounds.

I understand that it has the support of over 54,000
people, and several thousand associations, throughout the areas
where more than 7 million people speak the language.

I feel that ICANN would be making a big step forward
were it to acknowledge that culture and language can also be the
basis for a top level domain, alongside political and
institutional ones.

There are few languages which do not have an independent homeland 
from which to be projected, anbd which are spoken in seevral 
countries (Kurdish springs to mind).

Several of those who have expressed their opinions in
this fotum, have quite simply failed to see the significance of
this non-poilitically based TLD. 

To appeal to all Catalan-speakers, a domain ending in
.es, .fr, .-it or .ad certainly falls short.

I therefore feel that it would be a step forward were
.cat to be adopted as a new TLD.

Alexander Reuss
Münster (Germany)

NEU : GMX Internet.FreeDSL
Ab sofort DSL-Tarif ohne Grundgebühr: http://www.gmx.net/dsl

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