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Study proposal using UDRP data

  • To: <whois-comments-2008@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Study proposal using UDRP data
  • From: "Metalitz, Steven" <met@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 14:49:25 -0800

One study should address the prevalence of use of proxy or private
registration services, and the impact of such services on UDRP
proceedings in gTLDs.  
UDRP dispute resolution providers (WIPO, NAF etc.) would be asked to
identify cases brought against registrants whose "names" or other
contact information indicate that they are  proxy or private
registration services.  (Registrars would be asked to provide these
"names" or other indicia, or they could be solicited from others
familiar with the UDRP process.)   Researchers would sort these cases
into those in which the proxy/private registration service revealed the
identity/contact information for the registrant, and those in which the
service did not do so and the case proceeded on a default basis.  This
data would provide an indication of the extent (both overall and with
respect to each individual service) to which a registrant's use of a
proxy/private registration service either reduced the registrant's
ability to contest a UDRP proceeding, or indicated that the registrant
was actually the registrar itself.     
This data would provide a quantitative basis for determining whether any
changes were needed in current policies regarding the operation of
proxy/private registration services, or regarding the UDRP, in order to
protect the interests of registrants, or to improve Whois data accuracy.

The databases of the dispute resolution providers is a pre-existing
source of data that may also be useful for other studies regarding
These suggestions are made on behalf of participants in the Coalition
for Online Accountability.   
Submitted by Steve Metalitz, counsel to COA 

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