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[alac] ICANN bylaw changes on At-Large **your comments needed**

  • To: Interim ALAC <alac@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [alac] ICANN bylaw changes on At-Large **your comments needed**
  • From: Denise Michel <denisemichel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 12:29:33 -0800

Below are the proposed changes to ICANN's bylaws concerning the ALAC.  The
ALAC needs to provide comments to the ERC on these changes -- the comments
can be "they are fine" or can include additional revisions.   What needs
your attention, in particular, is how prescriptive the bylaws should be on
the composition of At-Large structures.  It would be very useful to get your
input on the types of organizations in your region that might want to be
involved in At-Large and how these organizations' structure and membership
fits with the proposed bylaws.

Background -- Underpinning the ALAC will be a network of self-organizing,
self-supporting At-Large Structures throughout the world involving
individual Internet users at the local or issue level. The At-Large
Structures (either existing organizations or newly formed for this purpose)
will self-organize into five Regional At-Large Organizations (RALOs). The
RALOs will manage outreach and public involvement and will be the main forum
and coordination point in each region for public input to ICANN.

I think the bylaws should be flexible enough to maintain the spirit of the
At-Large infrastructure, but allow for flexibility among regions and
encourage the greatest level of involvement possible.  Do the proposed
bylaws succeed at this??  (**Note -- organizations mentioned below are used
as hypothetical examples and do not indicate that the organizations want to
be or should be designated as At Large Structures)

**Should the ALAC consider changing the bylaws to allow organizations (with
appropriate missions) that have both individual and organizational/corporate
memberships to be designated as At-Large Structures?  For example, the
Association for Internet Professionals (AIP) has both individual and
corporate memberships, and some ISOC chapters also have this construct.

**What about organizations that have a mission of advancing/protecting
individual Internet users' interests, involve individuals in their policy
development and other activities, and could contribute to ICANN policy/issue
debates, but are not membership organizations?  Should they be allowed to
have some role in the At Large infrastructure?  If so, what?  For example,
the Consumers' Union/Consumer Policy Institute and EPIC (Electronic Privacy
Information Center) may be examples of this type of organization.

Some more examples of existing organizations are included below.  Please
share your thoughts/information on the types of organizations/potential
At-Large Structures in your region.  The challenge is to maintain the
integrity of the infrastructure as one in which individuals predominate but
also allow for the  participation of a variety of different groups that will
help make At-Large a success.

Deadline for comments by Saturday, 22 Feb, but the ALAC needs to decide well
before then if changes are needed -- and then we have to agree on what
specific change should be requested.


- ISOC ECC  and CECUA have only organizational members
- www.stikom.edu - LatinoamerICANN - provide individuals with news,
education, community discussion -- no memberships
- Arab Knowledge Management Society - non profit education service
addressing "digital divide issues" -- no memberships
- Institute for Study of Information Tech and Society --
http://communityconnections.heinz.cmu.edu/insites/about --  nonprofit group
for teaching, research and public outreach on information technology policy
(member of former At-Large Organizing Cmt.)-- has corporate


At-Large Advisory Committee
  [items a-g are unchanged]

  h. Each RALO shall be comprised of self-supporting At-Large Structures
within its Geographic Region, certified to meet the requirements of the
RALO's Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN according to paragraph 4(i) of
this Section. , that involve individual Internet users at the local or issue
level and that, in the aggregate, are open to participation by all (but Each
At-Large Structure must have a membership consisting only) of individual
Internet users who are citizens and or residents of the RALO's Geographic
Region (as defined in Section 5 of Article VI). At-Large Structures may
allow entities within their RALO's Geographic Region other than individuals
to participate in their activities as non-members, but that participation
shall not predominate. The At-Large Structures comprising each RALO shall,
in the aggregate, allow membership by all individual Internet users who are
citizens of countries within the RALO's Geographic Region. If so provided by
its Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN, a RALO may also have as its
members individual Internet users who are citizens and or residents of the
RALO's Geographic Region.

[Explanation: The proposed amendment clarifies the required membership
characteristics of At-Large Structures, the details of which are to be
specified in the RALO's Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN. An At-Large
Structure may have as members individuals who are either citizens or
residents of the region (i.e. citizenship and residency are not both
required), and may also allow participation (but not membership) by
organizations in its region. At-Large Structures may not include within
their membership (a) individuals not resident or having citizenship within
the region or (b) organizations. Particular At-Large Structures may have
membership focused on a particular locality or issue of interest, but an
RALO's composition must allow every citizen of the region who is an
individual Internet users to belong to at least one At-Large Structure.]

    i. The ALAC is responsible for certifying organizations as meeting the
criteria and standards for At-Large Structures. The criteria and standards
for certification of At-Large Structures within a each Geographic Region
shall be established by the Board according to the requirements of paragraph
(h) of this Section and based on recommendations of the ALAC and shall be
stated in the Memorandum of Understanding between ICANN and the RALO for
that Geographic Region, so that each RALO is afforded the type of structure
that best fits its Geographic Region's customs and characteristics. Those
criteria and standards shall be stated in the Memorandum of Understanding
between ICANN and the RALO for that Geographic Region. Decisions to certify
or de-certify an At-Large Structure as meeting the applicable criteria and
standards shall require a 2/3 vote of all the members of the ALAC and shall
be subject to review according to procedures the Board may establish. The
ALAC may also give advice as to whether a prospective At-Large Structure
meets the applicable criteria and standards.

[Explanation: The proposed revisions clarify that the criteria and standards
for certification of At-Large Structures, as stated in the RALO's Memorandum
of Understanding with ICANN, must meet the requirements of Section 2(4)(h)
of Article XI.]

    [item j is unchanged]

Denise Michel

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