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Re: [alac] FW: [alac-admin] note on bylaws

  • To: Denise Michel <denisemichel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [alac] FW: [alac-admin] note on bylaws
  • From: Esther Dyson <edyson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 15:19:39 -0500

looks fine, thanks!


At 07:45 PM 2/20/2003, Denise Michel wrote:
Reminder: please provide any comments or concerns you may have regarding the
draft ALAC statement on the proposed bylaws before 22 February.  (Erick's
requested change regarding the descriptionof LatinoamerICANN will be


>................................................................. > >The ALAC has had a limited amount of (email) discussion about the proposed >bylaw changes. Although not all ALAC members have addressed this issues, >those that have would like to leave the bylaw language concerning At-Large >Structures and Regional At-Large Organizations as open as >possible, with the >understanding that details will be addressed in the RALO's MoUs with ICANN, >and that the ALAC and ICANN will be responsible for ensuring that the MoU >meets basic criteria for involving individual Internet users and advancing >their interests within ICANN. > >While the ALAC wants to make clear and irrevocable that the RALOs and >At-Large Structures represent the voices of individuals, not organizations, >the Committee does not want a formalism in the bylaws to block >participation >of groups that genuinely represent individuals but also accept >organizational/corporate members. The ALAC acknowledges that >ICANN needs to >be mindful of two possible scenarios: an individuals-only policy >blocks ISOC >chapters and other individual participation, or lack of such a policy >permits some company to "organize" an At-Large Structure and capture its >RALO. The ALAC thinks the problem of preventing organizational capture >should be left to the RALOs in the first instance; and that too detailed a >policy may hamper the groups most effectively representing individuals. > >In addition to some ISOC chapters, there is concern that some of the groups >listed below, which could be considered potential candidates for >At-Large Structures, could not fully participate under the proposed bylaws >(these are hypothetical expamples only): > >- Association for Internet Professionals (AIP) >(http://www.association.org/) >has both individual and corporate memberships >- ISOC ECC and CECUA have only organizational members and have asked to be >included as At-Large Structures (although it is not clear why they should >receive this delegation rather than each of their members being >delegated an >ALS) >- www.stikom.edu and LatinoamerICANN >(http://www.latinoamericann.derecho.org.ar/index.php) - provide individuals >with news, education, and community discussion on issues relevant to >At-Large, but do not have memberships >- Arab Knowledge Management Society (www.akms.org) - non profit education >service addressing "digital divide issues" with no memberships >- Institute for Study of Information Tech and Society -- >http://communityconnections.heinz.cmu.edu/insites/about -- nonprofit group >for teaching, research and public outreach on information >technology policy, >has corporate members/supporters >- Consumers' Union/Consumer Policy Institute >(http://www.consumersunion.org/aboutcu/about.htm) and EPIC (Electronic >Privacy Information Center) (http://www.epic.org/) -- have some compatible >objectives, involve individuals in their policy development and other >activities, and could contribute to ICANN policy/issue debates, but are not >membership organizations > >With this in mind, the ALAC is considering the following draft language: > > (h) Each RALO shall be comprised of self-supporting At-Large > Structures within its Geographic Region, certified to meet > the requirements of the RALO's Memorandum of Understanding > with ICANN according to paragraph 4(i) of this Section. If > so provided by its memorandum of understanding with ICANN, a > RALO may also have as its members individual Internet users > who are citizens or residents of countries within the RALO's > Geographic Region. Any RALO must, through its at-large > structures or through direct membership, be open for > participation of all individual Internet users who are > citizens or residents of countries within the RALO's > Geographic Region (as defined in Section 5 of Article VI). > > (i) The ALAC is responsible for certifying organizations as > meeting the criteria and standards for At-Large Structures. > The criteria and standards for certification of At-Large > Structures within a each Geographic Region shall be > established by the Board and based on recommendations of the > ALAC, so that each RALO is afforded the type of structure > that best fits its Geographic Region's customs and > characteristics. Those criteria and standards shall be > stated in the Memorandum of Understanding between ICANN and > the RALO for that Geographic Region. They shall ensure that > At-Large Structures appropriately represent and involve > individual Internet users who are citizens or residents of > the RALO's geographical region. Decisions to certify or > de-certify an At-Large Structure as meeting the applicable > criteria and standards shall require a 2/3 vote of all the > members of the ALAC and shall be subject to review according > to procedures the Board may establish. The ALAC may also > give advice as to whether a prospective At-Large Structure > meets the applicable criteria and standards. > >Please let us know if you need any further information or assistance. > >Vittorio Bertola >ALAC Chair >

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