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[alac] Coordination between the ALAC and its NomCom appointees

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  • Subject: [alac] Coordination between the ALAC and its NomCom appointees
  • From: Vittorio Bertola <vb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 21:36:00 +0100


I am writing to start a discussion with you and with my fellow ALAC
members about how we could work together during the next few months of
NomCom activity.

There has not been discussion on this yet in the Committee so what
follows is just my personal opinion.

NomCom members are expected to act not just for the benefit of the
constituency which selected them, but of the global Internet community
- so I think that you should be independent from us in making your
choices. However, you are the only channel through which we and the At
Large community can supply input and receive information about the
NomCom process; and I also think that you should be particularly
careful in ensuring that the final selection for the Board really
looks more like a diversified set of open minded people able to work
for the interest of the whole Internet, rather than like an incoherent
sum of representatives of the various narrow interests that live
around ICANN. My fear is that if you're not going to act as
"watchdogs" about this, no one will do, and on the other hand if you
share this view you might really become a stabilizing force that
ensures a positive outcome for the NomCom process.

So it would be great if any of you could commit to send regular
updates to the Committee (and possibly to the public community as
well) every few days about how the NomCom activity is evolving.

For what we know, the NomCom's first phase of work will be devoted to
establishing the process through which the selections will be made. I
think this is a very important issue, not just because the
deliberations you take will be likely to stay also for future NomComs,
but because different selection and voting processes may bring to very
different degrees of representativeness and inclusiveness of the
choices. I have already expressed some proposals on this in the past
(see http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/ga/Arc11/msg00173.html), and while
you're of course not required to agree with them or to support them, I
think that you should at least be well aware of the problem and start
to make your mind on it.

Also, you should start to think whether and how you want to establish
processes to get suggestions about potential candidates (not just for
the Board, but for the other positions as well) and perhaps also how
to get feedback about them from the community.

Finally, please let me know if any of you is going to attend the Rio
ICANN meeting and in which days - I'd love to schedule an informal
meeting between all of us.

Please let me know what you think about this.

vb.                  [Vittorio Bertola - vb [at] bertola.eu.org]<---
-------------------> http://bertola.eu.org/ <-----------------------

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