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[alac] (fwd) Re: Outreach Program

  • To: alac@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: [alac] (fwd) Re: Outreach Program
  • From: Vittorio Bertola <vb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 09:03:57 +0100

I just got Danny's answer to Pierre.
By the way, has a public ALAC e-mail address already been activated?
We should have a mechanism through which external people can write to
the committee - a sort of "alac-comments@xxxxxxxxx" address that
either forwards to the list or forwards to me and/or Denise so that we
can then send the message to the list.

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003 23:30:58 EST, DannyYounger@xxxxxx wrote:


On the ALAC discussion list Pierre Dandjinou remarked:  "Now, I wonder
which kind of evaluation Danny is requesting.."

I would have written to Pierre directly, but unfortunately the ALAC
list conceals the email addresses of our At-Large representatives so I
am forced to resort to this circuitous communication.

What Stuart has proposed is a "good thing".  However, I would hate to
see this proposal become solely contingent upon the receipt of funds
from Markle. As next year's ICANN budget is up for discussion at Rio,
I would like to see the ALAC advocate incorporating this prototype
program into ICANN's "permanent" budget.  

With respect to the requested evaluation, I note that Stuart has
called for "outreach materials suitable for local distribution".  In
my mind that raises the issue of translations (and their cost), and I
believe that we would all benefit from the counsel that could be
provided on this topic from the current members of the President's
Task Force on Simultaneous Language Translation:     

Pilar Luque (Chair)
Jocelyn Nadeau 
Mustafa A. Nasereddin
Yumi Ohashi
Pierre Ouedraogo
Albert Wang

After consultation with these parties, we might find that the amount
budgeted for translations of material for local distribution is
insufficient to meet the stated objectives.

Our current bylaws have the following to state on that topic:  "As 
appropriate and to the extent provided in the ICANN budget, ICANN
shall facilitate the translation of final published documents into
various appropriate languages."   The key phrase is "to the extent
provided in the ICANN budget".  One way or another, I would like to
see the ALAC propose a line item entry in the budget to cover
translations (and at this point with the proposed budget not yet
posted, and with all "users" excluded from the Presidents Budget
Advisory Group -- another major gripe --  I am not in a position to
know if providing for the cost of translations is anywhere within 
the new budget).

vb.                  [Vittorio Bertola - vb [at] bertola.eu.org]<---
-------------------> http://bertola.eu.org/ <-----------------------

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