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Re: [alac] ccNSO

  • To: alac@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Re: [alac] ccNSO
  • From: Izumi Aizu <izumi@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2004 07:51:56 +0900

Roberto, do not worry, I said I am open to others, and welcome
others, thus Erick's offer is great.

And I appreciate your care that I might and should be more involved
and consumed by WSIS process, which may be the case.

So let't take a larger look, as Vittorio suggests, as how we should
organize and distribute the labors for the coming works including
outreach, policy and projects such as WSIS areas.

For those who have been in Rome, I like to thank all of your hard work
and warm companion here. (I am still in Rome, leaving for Tokyo tomorrow).

For those who could not join us, it's a great pitty and I think we did
a reasonbally good job in Rome, and hope you could share this momentum
together - as if often the case, after a few weeks, we may lose that momentum,
which should not be the case this time.


At 12:25 04/03/06 +0100, Vittorio Bertola wrote: >On Sat, 06 Mar 2004 11:40:53 +0100, you wrote: > >>Incidentally, please don't take this statement as an opposition to the >>candidature of Izumi, who would IMHO also make a perfect liaison, but I have >>the concern that Izumi will have hard work ahead of him with the >>WSIS-related subjects, that are going to bear an increasing importance for >>us. > >I think that we will have to deal with a redistribution/formalization of >many positions, so it might be better to discuss appointments in the >overall. As noted in the action points, I'd like to come up with a proposal >for a clear distribution of labour among different people and functions in >the Committee. I hope I can manage to do this in the next days. >-- >vb. [Vittorio Bertola - v.bertola [a] bertola.eu.org]<------ >http://bertola.eu.org/ <- Vecchio sito, nuovo toblÉ»...

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