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Re: [alac] Action points / proposals from the Rome meetings

  • To: alac@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Re: [alac] Action points / proposals from the Rome meetings
  • From: Izumi Aizu <izumi@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 21:50:18 +0900

Sorry for this very belated response, as usual, after long trip
lots of works waiting back home.<br><br>
At 12:36 04/03/05 +0100, you wrote:<br>
<blockquote type=cite>I have actually decided to send this list now, even
if I didn't have time to<br>
double-check it, so that we can start discussing it. It mostly 
internal organization - doesn't cover policy or outreach activities
much. Feel free to comment and correct; especially, those members
weren't in Rome are encouraged to make any objections. I'd like to get
action points finalized in a few days from now.<br>
1. We should regularly ask ALSs to provide volunteers for policy
whenever necessary.</blockquote><br>
<font color="#0000FF">I think we should ask ALSs to send their people, as
well as any other <br>
person who is interested in and qualified, him/herself, or
by ALSs.<br><br>
</font><blockquote type=cite>2. We should move liaison reports out of
conference calls to save time (see<br>
next point).<br><br>
3. Every liaison, task force member etc. is to send a report to the
list at the end of each month.</blockquote><br>
<font color="#0000FF">Unless there is no move during that month,
</font><blockquote type=cite>4. We should establish the expiration terms
of all positions (Chair,<br>
vice-Chair, liaisons...) and possibly formally reappoint / reconsider
original ones. (Proposal: I think all terms should be aligned with
annual meeting, so that we reappoint positions when new members come
<font color="#0000FF">Setting terms is a good idea. However I wonder if
ALL the terms should<br>
expire at the same time.<br><br>
</font><blockquote type=cite>5. We should revise and define better the
role and number of the<br>
<font color="#0000FF">I think &quot;Vice-Chairs&quot; have two different
roles. One is to assist<br>
the Chair, or take-over in case. Another is to assume some<br>
important roles to move the committee's activities.<br><br>
</font><blockquote type=cite>6. We should try to work together with the
NCUC. Proposals:<br>
&nbsp; <x-tab>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</x-tab>a. shall we try
to make joint policy statements with the NCUC, as<br>
far as possible? You could actually label them as &quot;user
statements&quot;, or better &quot;civil society&quot; (business users are
<font color="#0000FF">Why not a trial?<br><br>
shall we have joint public meetings on the constituency day? it's<br>
possibly useless to have our public meeting and then theirs, discussing
same things.</blockquote><br>
<font color="#0000FF">Well, for matters of common interest, sure. But
AL's regional acvitities, formation<br>
of ALS and RALO may not be of their interest. Likewise, some of
immediate interests may not be ours.&nbsp; So, to have common slot is
but we need separate meetings, too, right?<br><br>
</font><blockquote type=cite>7. Each Region has to send a roadmap for
RALO creation + outreach +<br>
staffing/budgeting plan by two weeks from now. Possibly, this might
regional staffing requests. Also, please feel free to include requests
non-At-Large budget items (for example, I think the Committee should
ICANN to have a translation budget to support translations for all<br>
8. Each Region has to send a report and update plan on outreach and
creation by two weeks before each ICANN meeting.<br>
<font color="#0000FF">OK.<br><br>
</font>9. Someone has suggested that each Region could appoint, even
<blockquote type=cite>one member who is responsible for this and, more
generally, to manage<br>
regional outreach and applications: shall we do so? It would possibly
me in knowing who to bug when applications are to be reviewed etc.<br>
<font color="#0000FF">Agreed.<br><br>
</font><blockquote type=cite>10. There should be some work to formally
establish the long-term mission<br>
and vision of what a RALO is and what is going to happen after we start
(could this turn into appointing a couple of members to specifically do
in a document by KL meeting?)<br>
<font color="#0000FF">I am not suer on this, I mean, are we really ready?
is my question.<br>
But if Europe could go ahead, I think that may be the case.<br><br>
</font><blockquote type=cite>11. Accreditation process is confirmed, but
we will try to formalize it a<br>
little more: after each Region finishes the review, there will be two
of &quot;internal public comment&quot;, and there will be formal notice
of its end.<br>
After it ends (unless important objections arise) vote will be called
members can vote, but no more discussion.<br><br>
12. Having a website is not a requirement to be accredited as ALS.
<font color="#0000FF">Well, there was &quot;minimum criteria&quot; for
&quot;offering Internet-based mechanisms that enable discussions of one
or <br>
more of these activities and issues among individual
That is not a website, but at least mailing list of some kind.<br>
This could be &quot;jointly&quot; done by ALSs, depending on local
and lingusitic situation, too.<br><br>
Having their own website is not needed, I agree. Use ALAC's website<br>
it totally OK. <br><br>
</font><blockquote type=cite>13. Should we move all our conversations to
the public list, except those<br>
that are strictly confidential? (We are constantly being challenged on
issue, both at ICANN public meetings and on online forums... I'd
to move all discussion to the public list as far as possible)<br>
<font color="#0000FF">I strongly support this. <br><br>
</font><blockquote type=cite>14. We should request a liaison to the
<font color="#0000FF">Yes. No question.<br><br>
</font><blockquote type=cite>15. We should set up a document repository
(FTP? web based?) where to<br>
archive and share all Committee documents.</blockquote><br>
<font color="#0000FF">Yes, very much needed. Simple blog as an
</font><blockquote type=cite>16. We should possibly set up regional
mailing lists and websites, at least<br>
for those Regions that feel the need to do so; depending on the Region,
might use ICANN resources or use any other resources which we might find
which might be easier for day-by-day management.</blockquote><br>
<font color="#0000FF">There is one we are starting to use at APNG (Asia
Pacific Networking Group)<br>
website. where not much is happening, but still it offers a
</font><blockquote type=cite>17. We should find a way to revitalize our
forum and/or replace it with<br>
something more appealing to users. (Proposal: shall we merge it with the
<font color="#0000FF">Though Denise said it is moderated, I think it is
not - there are<br>
too many spam mails there!&nbsp; Merging with GA, or adding a new
with GA may work.<br><br>
</font><blockquote type=cite>18. We should find a way to make the
als-discuss list operational and<br>
active. (Proposal: shall we appoint one of us as &quot;facilitator&quot;
for public<br>
communication, with the specific responsibility to oversee public
mailing lists?)</blockquote><br>
<font color="#0000FF">I would recommend to have two people, perhaps, than
only one facilitator.<br>
Unless we have &quot;superman/women&quot;.<br><br>
</font><blockquote type=cite>19. As soon as a regional office is
established, we should use that as a<br>
contact address.</blockquote><br>
<font color="#0000FF">Of course. But it may take too much time for come
regions. Could we try<br>
to find an ALS to be the regional rep, with say limited term, if that
</font><blockquote type=cite>20. We should make sure we can get agendas
and documents finalized in<br>
advance of the ICANN meetings and printed out. (I will possibly try to
together a very brief &quot;organizational chart&quot; so that the
responsibilities of<br>
staff and of individual members that are appointed to positions are
<font color="#0000FF">I think we should ask more of
&quot;Secretariat&quot; function under the guidance<br>
of Chair.&nbsp; If Vittorio could take a lead, we should consider to
a secretary closely working with you. Making remote arrangement<br>
with Denise and ICANN staff in different time-zone, with only<br>
e-mail instruction/communication may not become sufficient.<br>
Whould't we propose that as part of our budget?<br><br>
Many thanks,<br><br>

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