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[alac] Thoughts on WSIS

  • To: "'ALAC'" <alac@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [alac] Thoughts on WSIS
  • From: "Sebastian Ricciardi" <sricciardi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 13:30:21 -0300

Dear all,
I´m trying to understand the implications of the WSIS process to the End
Of course I have a buch of ideas about it, particulary in regards of the
security and stability if the network, however, I would like to know if you
have some thoughts about it that i didn´t think of. 
My list :
1) Internet represents the major communication infrastructure nowadays.
2) The securtiy and stability of the network ultimately allows users from
all aroun the world to send e-mails, chat, shop, research, etc.
3) The WSIS could mean some sort of regulation, which not only would be bad
for the development of the network, but also for the users.
4) Technical coordinaton is a key factor for the security and stability.
5) Regional registries are  working fine. Different mechanisms for the
allocation of IP numbers could be real bad, especially if the national
governments have anything to do with it. (I´m not kidding some governments
are pushing for things like that.)
6) WSIS could be a great effort to promote Development through the massive
use of this new media, promoting education programs, capacity building, etc.
7) WSIS could be great to stop human rights violation around the world,
regarding access of information and the press freedom using the Internet.
I would love to have some imput from you, if you have the time.

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