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[alac] Question on registrar-registry split

  • To: alac@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: [alac] Question on registrar-registry split
  • From: Bret Fausett <bfausett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 11:02:24 -0800

Once upon a time, a company called Network Solutions operated both
the .COM registry and acted as the dominant .COM registrar. This duality
was such a concern that ICANN required Network Solutions to divest
itself of either the registry or the registrar. 

After a time, ICANN and Netsol, then Verisign, renegotiated the
contracts and allowed Verisign to own and operate both the .COM registry
and Network Solutions, the registrar, but required the company to
maintain a wall between the two operations and not use one to advantage
the other. 

Subsequently, Verisign sold off Network Solutions and now, to the best
of my knowledge, no longer owns any registrar business. 

But that may change. 

As I read the proposed new .COM agreement -- and I could have missed
something, which is why I'm asking the question -- all of the provisions
relating to providing equivalent access to registrars, maintaining a
wall between the registrar and the registry, and not advantaging an
owned registrar with subsidies from the registry have been deleted. 

See, Wiki Section titled "Fair Treatment of Registrars / 
Registry Code of Conduct" at

In addition, as I read the proposed agreements, nothing prevents
Verisign from reacquiring a registrar businesses and/or creating new
subsidiaries that would apply for new registrar accreditation. 

Have I missed something fundamental? Or is this a big change?

         -- Bret

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