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Comments relating to the draft Establishment of new sTLDs: Request for Proposals
  • To: <stld-rfp-comments@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Comments relating to the draft Establishment of new sTLDs: Request for Proposals
  • From: "Brian Burnett" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 14:37:26 +1000
  • Importance: High
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Brian Burnett
Founder - *.event

I just completed a first read of the establishment of sTLD Draft Document.
My thoughts are broken into Two main categories - 1. The Fee Structure and
2. The proposed Timeline / Schedule
1. The Fee Structure of the previous ( Fall 2000) was all up front. I
suggest to the board that the fees should be pro-rated over the whole
process with initial fee (includes the criteria evaluation), then the
technical evaluation fee for the next process (up to approval), and then the
agreement fee for legal contracts / agreements. This would mean only work
completed is paid for and any applicant failing to paid for the next round
of the process is immediately disqualified.(all monies are paid in advance
for each stage of the process)
Example - Initial Fee $ 7,500, Technical Fee $ 10,000 and Agreement Fee $
7,500 = Total Fee for exercise.
2. The last time the development of application documents more than four
weeks from receiving information and questions being answered, I suggest the
board to add at least several weeks to the process. I suggest the
Release of the RFP: R-day
Deadline for receipt of questions regarding RFP: R-day + 2 weeks ( add 1
week more to + 3 weeks)
Posting of answrs to questions received: R-day + 3 weeks ( add 1 week more
to + 4 weeks )
Deadline for receipt of applications (Application Deadline): R-day + 4 weeks
( add 3 week more to +8 weeks)
and add the additional 4 weeks on all other parts of the schedule
The reason is, the complex nature of these documents and the communication
with third parties such as registries, financiers and other business
professionals to provide a complete and well structured proposal/s for
Please forward any correspondence relating to *.event (fall 2000) applicant
directly to me, I was chairman of the board and Vice President of
Registration Systems until the company was wound-up in 2001. I continue
developing the *.event Domain and online event namespace through my various
event related domains through eBusiness Solutions Australia.

Yours Faithfully

Brian Burnett
eBusiness Solutions Australia

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