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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Mon, July 10, 2000 at 11:26 AM GMT
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Subject: UDRP - legalised theft? I CERTAINLY think so.


>I am truly tired of the misuse of the terms "cybersquatting" and "bad faith" by WIPO and the TM lobby

I was truly angry, and got in protest.

>anticybersquatting law has been perverted by UDRP arbitrators

This must be upon the instruction of ICANN, as they have not instructed arbitrators otherwise.

Mr G. Gervaise Davis III, WIPO panelist judge talking about WIPO, "The majority, in an effort to stop a practice that it seems to take upon itself to believe is an unstated purpose of the ICANN Policy, has completely over-stepped its mandate as arbitrators."

>For trademark holders, there is no way the trademark model fits into the internet model due to the unique name constraint and multiple identical trademarks....and let the TM holders duke it out.

It can only fit with - - they know this. Using this EXTRA domain name as Certificate of Authentication, all can have their trademark on the Internet. Please see my posting above, THIS has to be sorted first..

The DNS is all encompassing, not a trademark system.

They seem to think the whole world revolves around trademarks, we all know it does not.

Nice post.

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