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ICANN .org and general comments
  • To: org-eval@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: ICANN .org and general comments
  • From: Jesse Molina <sharaharass@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 18:29:16 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Sirs

My name is Jesse Molina.  I am a network engineer by trade.  I have
previously worked for GlobalCenter, Global Crossing, and Exodus
Communications in the role of a network engineer.

I work the Internet for a living, and it is my interest.

I have comments in regards to actions that ICANN has taken over the
last few years of which I must present to you.

ICANN and the .org domain

Recently ICANN has effectively allotted the .org domain to
ISOC/Afilias.  This action is horrendously absurd and further's the
image that ICANN is nothing more than a monopolistic entity serving for
the profit of it's board members alone.  The mass consensus of the
Internet appears to be that the ISOC/Afilias allotment was a terrible
financially oriented decision which should be resended.

It is my personal opinion that the .org domain name should be turned
over to a 100% non profit institution.

Personally, I would just as well like see Paul Vixie and Carl Malamud
run .org.

ICANN withholding TLD releases

I am disappointed in ICANN's failure to release more TLD domain names
and ICANN's poor behavior in regards to the TLDs which it has recently
allocated.  It is very apparent that ICANN has only released new TLDs
for self serving financial purposes.

The new TLDs which have been released within the last two years have no
apparent future and are a laughing stock of the Internet community.

ICANN has done a poor job of managing the TLD system.  As a result, I
have often promoted ISPs which I have worked for to offer alternative
DNS system servers to it's users, a system which I use myself.  I am
nearing the favor of abandoning the ICANN DNS system entirely at this
point, should there be any reasonable alternative.  And if need be, we
the community can make one.

ICANN and IP addressing NICs (ARIN, RIPE, APNIC)

ICANN has historically turned over all management of IP address and AS
allocation to the three NICs, ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC.  I am in favor of
this process as it has historically worked well and these NICs have
done well with the resource allocation duties which they were allotted.
 Please leave the NICs alone to do their job.  ICANN should have little
to no control over the NICs.

ICANN in general

ICANN has forgotten that it serves the Internet public interest.  It
seems that ICANN is now interested in serving the financial well being
of it's members.  I am generally in favor of the abolishment of ICANN
and the replacement with a new domain name system management entity.

After all, what is it that ICANN does?  It manages the release and
organization of the domain name system of the Internet.  The NICs
control the IP address, AS number assignments, and routing registries. 
Changing all computers from ICANN to something else would take no more
effort than changing the resolv.conf file on most computer systems.

ICANN, in the eyes of the technical community which actually power the
internet, is a dirty and corrupt thing.

#	Jesse Molina
#	Opendreams.net

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