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Username: TLD Facts
Date/Time: Thu, October 26, 2000 at 2:23 PM GMT (Thu, October 26, 2000 at 4:23 PM CEST)
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Subject: Serious Concerns With this Application


We have serious concerns with this application as follows and have presented some brief examples which reflect a portion of our concerns: 
1. Why would ICANN vest in some small banking association in Monaco the ability to establish and set policies for a space which represents
world-wide banking interests ? This seems to be a blatant attempt at
"SELF PROMOTION" by the Monégasque...  (quote from application "The present application for a registry would create substantial added value to the many efforts conducted by the Government and the Association to foster the growing recognition of Monaco as a strong European Financial Center "

A TLD like this should be administered and fostered by a much larger International financial association. There are significant numbers of these institutions available. Significant control of the growth of the policy making panel is also proposed in this application which we find to be very bias & limiting.

2.Registrars fees: This represents an excessive amount and appears to be discrimitory in favor of larger registrars as compared to the majority of other applications tendered.

3.The market: These assumption of 1,000,000 potential registrants is totally without basis here.

4.Marketing & Promotion:  A very,very, shallow summary here with many allusions not backed up by appropriate supporting materials. It would appear to us that the registry is making no real tangible attempt to support the growth and awareness of this "string" and is putting the entire burden on the Registrars.Here is a quote from the application "The registrars will be used as the main marketing channel; the registry will provide them with SOME basic marketing materials to help them deal with the new type of customers" ("SOME?" BASIC MARKETING MATERIALS ???)

5.Another attempt to leverage "TLD's" into big profits:  We see brief references to "stock options" and "Eurafnet and CSL plan to introduce a stock option plan for the members of the Netbay staff. It must be
pointed out that Eurafnet intends being listed by the end of 2000 in Europe. Netbay shares held by the staff members could then be exchanged for listed Eurafnet shares."  NEED WE SAY MORE ?

6.2nd level TLD reservations by registry. This proposal leaves open the opportunity to pervert the intent of the "charter concept" by allowing broader 3rd level registrations in broad second level names reserved by the registry for "it's own exploitation" such as "loan.fin" or "info.fin" We find this to be self conflicting..

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