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Username: mathieu
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 10:13 AM GMT
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Subject: answer to TLD facts


Netbay, the applicant to be the registry for the .FIN domain, and its shareholders respond to the objection by TLD Facts :

1. In its application, AMB clearly states that it is acting as a “starter” for the .FIN domain. AMB will not be the association that will establish the conditions and the rules under which second level names will be registered in .FIN.   AMB realized that the extremely short time frame for the preparation of applications for new top level domains precluded the immediate creation of a globally representative sponsoring organization. AMB will act as initial sponsoring organization in accordance with its application, and, as indicated in its application, it will take steps promptly to contribute to the establishment of the .FIN Sponsoring Organization, as a globally representative organization that will represent equitably all the components of the financial sector (e.g., by type of business and geographically). AMB strongly favors a situation in which professional organizations, such as SWIFT  (for banks) and  other organizations (for insurance companies and other components of the financial world), would participate actively in the foundation and the management of the Financial Internet Domain Association.
2. Registrars fees: Their level has been determined in consideration of the costs that will be generated by their yearly audit by external auditing firms. This category of costs is linked to the registrars per se and not directly to the number of name registrations. This is a sound principle of pricing.
3. If you give appropriate attention to the documents submitted to ICANN, you will see that the 1,000,000 figure is partly based on D&B statistics. It is further based on reasonable extrapolations and estimates of the market.  Please note also that the business plan is composed of three parts showing the consequences of adverse and favourable business levels which result from a smaller or a larger than expected total market size.
4. The .FIN domain, being a restricted TLD devoted exclusively to a naturally very well informed business segment, will rapidly appear as a necessary tool for the firm and for the professional operating in the market.
5. “Big profits” are not by any means guaranteed. The application makes it clear that losses could occur under certain conditions described in the business plan. The plan provides for legitimate compensation for the risk involved in major investments and efforts by private individuals. Stock options are a well recognized means of rewarding the men and women working in the company for their participation in this effort.
6. As regards, 2nd level TLDs, our position is that generic financial names should not be the subject of private property as 2nd level domains. We favor a system in which financial entities, in certain instances, will be better served by  being categorized under a generic 2nd level domain and identified by 3rd level names.

Patricia Jutheau-Husson
Chairman of Netbay (Monaco)

Patricia Jutheau-Husson
Chairman of Eurafnet (Luxembourg)

Siegfried Langenbach
Chairman of CSL(Germany



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