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Username: AndersF
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 7:22 PM GMT
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Subject: dotgo


Security and ongoing content quality verification is important at several levels.

First, when one registers a domain.  It is important that proper checks are done to ensure that the applicant has a right to the name, that the applicant is not just trying to hoard domain names and that there are no trademark and copyright conflicts.

It is also important to verify the security of the site hosting

After that, security has a central role as part of a bundled set of
services that can be provided to the site sponsors.

To bring to the Internet Society an ongoing quality verification of the content will truly provide an entirely  new dimension of Internet, which has not yet been achieved.  Combining this with a "reversed" price list,for example, that makes it also affordable for the small users and the start ups, it seems like the people behind the dot GO concept have a good idea here.

In my view, having reviewed the applications submitted, only .go has the right idea and above all the necessary resources for offering a service that is truly unique and a value added to the Internet Community.

I my self has been involved and development with security systems in business cases.

ICANN should hounor an innovation, things brings value to the Internet.

Anders Fintling



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