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Username: Frank S.
Date/Time: Tue, April 11, 2000 at 5:51 AM GMT
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Subject: Agree and Disagree


      Your argument that the internet is for the world is passionate; It would be self-centered to disagree with the utopian sentiment that the net was founded on.

In practice, adding a TM specific domain will do nothing to curb the problem of corporations exercising their legal muscle to take Domains away from their rightful owners by force.  "Reverse Domain Hi-Jacking" is happening with increasing frequency. Volkswagen shamelessly set an example recently by stripping a company called Virtual Works of the domain (.net was a GTLD originally reserved for networking companies, not World War II Conglomerants come automakers) Any company that has legal resources will take what it wants from those who do not. No addition of new top level domains will solve that problem.

There are nearly 6 Billion people on the Planet today. There will be more than 10 Billion in 10 years and there are already more than enough one, two and three word combinations of names in all languages with existing GTLDs. When you include Country specific TLDs you have enough for every business, institution and living creature on the planet...

By the way the only difference between a GTLD and a Country Specific domain is the fact that we acknowledge the difference. They resolve to a web site in the same fashion.

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