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Username: wrowe
Date/Time: Wed, April 12, 2000 at 4:15 AM GMT
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Subject: Simply disagree with additional US tld's.


        While your points are valid, they are better served by the
      .us registrar doing exactly as you suggest, create several .us
      second level domains,, (or, and so on.
      When individual state registrations are considered, they too
      can be assigned within the state of registration, i.e.

        There is no restriction on the .com, .org, .net or .edu
      domains.  I have no quibble with .gov or .mil, given that the
      DOD put forth a vast amount of the funding to create darpa,
      later expanded as arpa, and ultimately into the internet of now.
      I don't translate my acceptance of .gov and .mil into creating
      additional US-centric TLDs.
        I believe there is a place for international registrations,
      as I endorse in my public comments to Working Group B.  But
      this should be reserved for international registrations.  I
      have no sympathy for countries that choose not to respect the
      international intellectual property conventions, so if they are
      excluded from any final system until they become signatories
      to existing international conventions, so be it.


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