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Username: wrowe
Date/Time: Wed, April 12, 2000 at 4:58 AM GMT
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Subject: .web, registrar evaluation and pre-registration


        On the subject of earlier agreements, it is clear that ICANN
      must make good on IANA's earlier commitments.  If IOD can
      demonstrate their ability to act as a registration authority,
      then they should become registrars in the .org/.com/.net
      domains first

        The absolute best way would be for ICANN to put a registration
      freeze on new registrations on new .web registrations, for IOD
      to ceceed the trademark to ICANN, just as the InterNic mark was
      ceceeded from NSI, and set an opening day for registrations.

        No company should exclusively execute gTDLs.  Upon that day,
      all registrars would proceed exactly as they have for .org,
      .com and .net.  Early registration would be grounds for
      immediate suspension of the registrar's participation.

        Only sites approved by IANA for evaluation should be permitted
      to submit their existing records to the new domains.  They must
      be told to freeze registrations until they are, potentially
      some time in the future, chartered.  Pre-registration
      speculators and the 'registrars' that play to that market must
      be granted the respect they deserve... none whatsoever.


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