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Username: wrowe
Date/Time: Fri, April 14, 2000 at 6:41 PM GMT
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Subject: Thank you, well put


        The first point is valid, registrars should never be single
      sources for a given web space.  I believe the CORE group did
      an adaquate job of defining that, and they participate in the
      existing gTLD registration process.
        But I do not want to see raffles, lotteries, and other
      speculation.  They even encourage this gambling by stating that
      paraphrased 'registration with multiple registrars, especially
      smaller registrars, increases your ODDS emphasis mine that
      you will recieve your desired domain name'.

        This, fellow denziens, is nothing less than absurd.
        The only reasonable way to incorporate the CORE new gTLD
      registrations (which I do believe they felt was part of their
      charter, poorly interpreted and poorly executed), would be to
      change the raffle system slightly.

        All raffle participants, including IODesigns.web, would be
      required by ICANN to sign a memorandum of agreement to hold
      their charter and to participate in the raffle.  Failure to
      concur would eliminate them from the process.

        The memorandum would call for, alternately, refund of all
      registration fees for domain reservations that are unrealized
      in the final raffle, or credit twords another registration,
      as their own choice.  This would be subject to the affected
      organizations and individuals withdrawing from all but a single
      registrar for each desired domain.  If that individual does not
      execute such a decision then they will be ineligable for such

        ICANN; you _must_ freeze all registration activites in these
      speculative non-gTLD's.  The MoU of CORE is not policy, and you
      must adopt a statement to the effect that due consideration
      will occur for these 'pre-registered' domains, but that further
      speculative activity will stop, immediately.  Your prior
      policies and statements, as well as IANA's previous actions,
      have led to this situation.
        Clearly a raffle of some sort will be required, but why in
      creation's name did CORE not observe the central tenant of the
      cooperative policies of the existing gTLD's?  They have not
      sought to create a single domain server to acknowlege the
      uniqueness of each pre-registration.

        Expect the US regulators to look closely at this practice,
      given that it is clearly (for US registrars) in violation of
      state and federal laws.  They could have implemented such a
      cross-registrar pre-registry database.  Their failure to do
      so was one of greed and contempt.  This is clearly not what
      Jon Postel envisioned as service in the public trust.
        Provide IODesigns and CORE a non-profit-taking structure
      to satisfy as many of the pre-registered parties as possible,
      providing corporations and individuals who did not participate
      in the scam nature of these enterprises, and fix the policy
      for all future registrations.

        The executive powers of the states and countries affected
      can then go about their job of identifing and prosecuting
      fraud, and leave ICANN to serve the public trust.


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