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[wildcard-comments] Open Letter to VeriSign

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  • Subject: [wildcard-comments] Open Letter to VeriSign
  • From: "dale - web site" <dale@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 15:56:00 -0400
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Below is an letter I've sent to VeriSign and posted on my web site. I did
not get a response from VeriSign. Today, 10/16/03, I see in the news that
VeriSign has decided to sell the domain registration portion of their
service while retaining control over the database and continuing to operate
root DNS servers.

It is my perception that throughout the Site Finder issue, VeriSign has
demonstrated poor ethics, irresponsibility and a general disregard for the
internet community.  These characteristic make VeriSign poorly suited for
the roles of maintaining DNS databases and operating root DNS servers. I
would, therefore, like to strongly urge ICANN to consider pursuing options
to transfer the rights of operating DNS databases and root DNS servers to
another organization.

Dale Sampson

Open Letter to VeriSign
Dear VeriSign,
I am a "consumer". I am an internet user. I am also a web master and
programmer. I am also a VeriSign customer.  Now you know about me.
You've stated that 84% of U.S. citizens have "preference" in favor of Site
Finder".  I'm sure I wasn't one of the citizens polled. I'd have said, "No
Thanks!  If I want to 'find a site' I know how to use a search engine and
have my own preferences about which to use.  If I make a mistake typing a
URL, I want to know it's a mistake so I have the opportunity to correct the
error.  If it was one of my bookmarks, I want to know it was an error so I
can choose to delete it.  I do not want someone 'helping me' until and
unless I've asked for the help.  I do not want someone telling me, 'oh, you
must really have meant THIS'.
In the course of software development and web site development, I
participate in a number of news groups.  I've read many posts about Site
Finder and have NEVER seen one that was positive or argued in favor of it.
I guess all of the thousands of people from around the world who participate
in these computer and internet related discussions are in that 16%, that are
in the group "unduly focused on the travails".
I'll bet you really could be more condescending if you tried harder.
If you do decide to restart this service, be advised you have lost a domain
registration customer.  Given the attitude you've presented on this issue,
I'm sure that is of no concern for you.  I will also encourage ICANN to
consider transfer of root DNS authority to another company - one who perhaps
doesn't think so little of opinions such as mine and customers such as me.
Dale Sampson

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