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[wildcard-comments] Don't get dragged into the wrong argument

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  • Subject: [wildcard-comments] Don't get dragged into the wrong argument
  • From: William Young <bill@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 10:16:28 +1300
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Thanks for giving us (the Internet community) a chance to comment on this topic.

First off, I am opposed to VeriSign using the DNS wildcard. I doubt if much could be said to change that opinion.

The thought I would like to contribute to the discussion is this: VeriSign is being allowed to shift the argument away from what it should be (the accuracy of DNS lookups), to some vague discussion about services and progress on the Internet.

The DNS wildcard causes DNS servers worldwide to return an incorrect answer when making a query about a non-existant .com or .net name. End of story.

The world uses DNS to map names to IP addresses, not for doing web searches. That's all it was intended to do and that's all it should ever do. Please don't let profiteers at VeriSign use their monopoly position to corrupt or hijack our Internet. It belongs to everyone, not them.

If VeriSign wishes to start an advertising/websearch service, they can go right ahead. Just make sure that DNS always provides me the correct answer when I use it to find an IP address. That includes cases when the correct answer is "the address doesn't exist."

Best regards,

William Young

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