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Comment on Revised Comparative Evaluation Scoring

  • To: <3gtld-string@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Comment on Revised Comparative Evaluation Scoring
  • From: "Ron Andruff" <randruff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 14:46:14 -0500

In our DAG v2comment on comparative evaluation scoring, we noted that ICANN
stated in its Expression of Interest documentation (used to invite
evaluators to do the comparative evaluations) that successful candidates are
expected to exercise considerable subjective judgment.  The document states
that "the scoring process requires that the evaluators exercise considerable
subjective judgment concerning the extent to which each community Applicant
meets or fails to meet the standards defined for each of the four criteria."

As long as subjectivity is the basis for evaluator conclusions, ICANN is
compelled to factor in the potential of an applicant losing a point as a
result of simple evaluator uncertainty in the evaluation scoring.  Until all
subjectivity has been removed from the process, ICANN's responsibility is to
provide a fair process for applicants.  Therefore, ICANN must allow one
point for human error on the part of its evaluators.  Otherwise, it is
holding community-based applicants to a standard much higher than the
standard of subjectivity detailed for the evaluators in the EOI (noted


Returning the minimum score needed to demonstrate nexus to a margin of three
points i.e., 13 of 16, maintains the rigor, but removes the risk of false


We have stated this in our last comment on this topic, but it is worthy of
repeating.  ICANN will never be able to remove all subjectivity from the
evaluation of new gTLD applications, so staff needs to understand this and
factor it in to the scoring evaluation.  In this way ICANN ensures that
community-based applicants go through a rigorous, but fair and equitable




Ron Andruff

RNA Partners, Inc.


Disclosure: RNA Partners intends to be an applicant for a new gTLD.


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