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Comment on 4.2.3: Community Priority Evaluation Criteria

  • To: <3gtld-string@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Comment on 4.2.3: Community Priority Evaluation Criteria
  • From: "Anne Deschuyteneer -.sport registry" <anne@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 12:30:22 +0100

With regard to the community priority criteria, we suggest to add an
additional one, which is the relevance of the registry operator to the
community and the community project it intends to serve.

There should be a clear distinction registry operators that wish to pursue
a not-for-profit model and help their community through funding community
projects, for example, and commercial operations that wish to use the
support they got from a community for their own profit. 

Some objective criteria could be:

- Legal status of the registry operator (not-for-profit vs commercial
- Commitment of the registry operator to allocate a certain percentage of
its profits to fund community-based activities. The larger would be the
better, of course. This should be regularly audited to see if the registry
operator keeps its commitments. 

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Deschuyteneer
Executive Director - DotSport registry

Web:       http://www.dotsport.info
Twitter:   http://twitter.dotsport.info
Facebook:  http://facebook.dotsport.info

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