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dotBERLIN comments on DAG4

  • To: <4gtld-guide@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: dotBERLIN comments on DAG4
  • From: "Dirk Krischenowski | dotBERLIN" <krischenowski@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 21:43:17 +0200

We participated in and contributed to the new gTLD process from the very
beginning in 2005. Together with our supporters we represent thousands of
Berlin based SMEs, Federal State of Berlin owned or shared organizations,
major Berlin based companies, hotels, Internet businesses, registrars,
individuals and other members which form an unparallelled community for a
city top-level domain application at ICANN.

For the 4th Draft Applicant Guidebook we have comments and change requests
by which we are aiming to get a fair and timely treatment on our way to
acquire our own identity on the Internet:

RE Timeline / ICANN Summit
Again we urge ICANN to finalize the gTLD process and start accepting new
gTLD applications. Any actions which may facilitate this are highly welcome,
like the proposed "ICANN Summit" in September.

RE 4.2.3 Community Priority Evaluation Criteria
The ccTLDs are geographically and geopolitically based top-level domains
which are based on the RFC 1591 which states for the administrator of a

"These administrators are performing a public service on behalf of the
Internet community."
"The designated manager is the trustee of the top-level domain for both the
nation, in the case of a country code, and the global Internet community."

We ask that the same is self-evident for applicants for a GeoTLD (incl.
cities, regions, cultural and other geographical and geopolitical strings). 

For this reason we claim:

> One extra point in the Community Priority Evaluation should be given if
the organization of a GeoTLD applicant is based on a sound multi-stakeholder
community of the GeoName concerned.

Many of the recently emerged new gTLD applicants may take advantage of the
immense delay the new gTLD program has been facing since its start in 2005.
The tentative timeline published with the Board's approval of the new gTLD
program in June 2008 stated an application window for March 2009. We think
that applicants which were planning with this timeline already had a ripe
application, while a number of new applicants who came in during the last 18
month sometimes seem to rather copy existing concepts and projects or have
questionable business models. 

For this reason we claim:

> One extra point in the Community Priority Evaluation should be given if
organization of an applicant was already established before the approval of
the new gTLDs program by the ICANN Board on 26 June 2008 or before the first
communicated application window in March 2009.

RE Treatment of incomplete Applications
We expect that the provisions in paragraph (String Contention)

". if an application is identified as being part of a contention set, string
contention resolution procedures will not begin until all applications in
the contention set have completed all aspects of evaluation, including
dispute resolution, if applicable."

will be used in competing applications (contention sets) to take speculative
advantage of intentionally caused delays by incomplete applications.

For this reason we claim:

> Applicants should be given limited time of max. 4 weeks to mend incomplete
applications parts.

Dirk Krischenowski
Founder and CEO
dotBERLIN GmbH & Co. KG
Akazienstrasse 2
10823 Berlin
Tel +49 30 49782354
Fax +49 30 49782356
Mobile +49 173 2339156
E-Mail krischenowski@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Skype "krischenowski"
Web www.dotberlin.com

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