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RE: [bc-gnso] BC charter v19

  • To: Philip Sheppard <philip.sheppard@xxxxxx>, bc - GNSO list <bc-gnso@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: [bc-gnso] BC charter v19
  • From: Marilyn Cade <marilynscade@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 01:25:27 -0400

Philip, thanks.

a few initial comments, and then I'll read through again and flag any areas for 
the BC members of concern to me.


I appreciate that you have now been able to incorporate some of my comments in 
this version.

However, I had asked to have a specially designated elected member as the 
primary CSG rep, and I'd like that added into the list of elected positions.  
There seems clear merit to distributing work, and avoiding conflicts of 
interests by putting too many roles into a single party, or small number of 
individuals. Spreading work, makes lighter work loads, as we all know. It does 
mean that coordination are important, of course. 


A change that I feel strongly about is that the officers should have only one 
year terms, with a term limit of no more than three yaers.  That is what the 
IPC does, and it seems prudent to move to one year terms. 


In 4.8, we need to make the description consistent within the body of the 
section to secretariat services, rather than continue to use the term 
"Secretariat", since the members haven't supported a continuation of a retained 
position, and the approach being proposed will allow flexibility to either use 
contracted services or services from ICANN. 


I see that this now proposes that executive committee members need not adhere 
to the BC position. This goes too far. If one is an elected officer, then one 
has a duty to adhere to the BC position. Can we discuss when you would envision 
an executive committee member 'acting in their individual capacity'? That might 
clear up the confusion for me on that one. 


I see that this charter is continuing to propose a list administrator. I'm not 
sure that is a separate function from 'secretariat services'. We want to avoid 
creating someone who is the 'email police', who has to make judgements about 
other members communications; I don't see that function in other constituencies 
-- and suggest that we simply have principled approaches to efficient 


We can briefly discuss the CSG representative at the huddle this p.m. 




> Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 05:27:20 +0100
> Subject: [bc-gnso] BC charter v19
> From: philip.sheppard@xxxxxx
> To: bc-gnso@xxxxxxxxx
> I attach the latest version for discussion.
> I believe we are nearly there.
> It factors in the majority of clarifying redrafts that have been suggested
> with the exception of redrafts that replaced current charter text that was
> to date unaltered.
> I will pull out those few remaining bigger changes that have been proposed
> for discussion at the BC meeting in Seoul.
> Philip

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