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Re: [bc-gnso] ICANN Now Projects April 14 Release of New Version of Applicant Guidebook.

  • To: "Berry Cobb" <berrycobb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [bc-gnso] ICANN Now Projects April 14 Release of New Version of Applicant Guidebook.
  • From: "Mike O'Connor" <mike@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 11:01:08 -0600

I clicked on Berry's link and realized that he mistyped it.  for those of you 
who were equally confused, the correct link is;



On Feb 22, 2011, at 10:46 AM, Berry Cobb wrote:

> Phil,
> Thank you for the link and summary.  I concur with your thoughts about the 
> AGB and a public comment period.  I do not see how the ICANN Board can vote 
> on a “final” until completion of such comment period.  There is blogger 
> speculation that the Board will try to approve the AGB at a special session 
> in April, but I believe the probability to be very low.
> My personal speculation is that the AGB will be voted by the Board at the 
> June meeting.  I’ve created a detailed time line based on this speculation 
> and the milestones provided by ICANN and the AGB.  Check it out at 
> http://tlwatch.com.  If you have suggestions to enhance it, please let me 
> know.  As milestone dates change, I intend to update the time line 
> accordingly.
> Thank you.
> Berry Cobb
> Infinity Portals LLC
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> http://infinityportals.com
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> From: owner-bc-gnso@xxxxxxxxx [mailto:owner-bc-gnso@xxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of 
> Phil Corwin
> Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 8:24 AM
> To: bc-gnso@xxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [bc-gnso] ICANN Now Projects April 14 Release of New Version of 
> Applicant Guidebook.
> Importance: High
> ICANN has just put out a new announcement on the gTLD program at 
> http://icann.org/en/announcements/announcement-22feb11-en.htm .
> In addition to containing summaries and analyses of the latest comments on 
> the Guidebook, it has this to say about the process going forward --
> The ICANN Board and Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) will meet in 
> Brussels from 28 Feb – 1 Mar and during the ICANN meeting in San Francisco 
> (13 – 18 March) in the interest of resolving the outstanding issues the GAC 
> has identified with the new gTLD process.
> A new version of the Applicant Guidebook is not being published at this time. 
> This decision was made with the intent to avoid presuming the outcomes of the 
> discussions among the Board, GAC, and community. Given the short time period 
> between these consultations and the ICANN meeting in San Francisco, there is 
> little utility to publishing a version with new changes, which would also be 
> subject to additional changes based on the outcomes of these meetings, and 
> without time for comment between versions.
> Work on the Applicant Guidebook is continuing in parallel with these 
> activities. ICANN is continuing to work with stakeholder groups in order to 
> fully understand comments made on the Guidebook and make changes based upon 
> them. It is expected that the next version of the Guidebook to be released 
> will incorporate updates based on: public comment, ongoing consultations, and 
> changes resulting from the Board-GAC consultations and from community 
> discussions in San Francisco.
> Expected Path Forward
> Board-GAC Consultations: 28 Feb – 1 Mar 2011
> ICANN meeting: 14 – 18 Mar 2011
> Release of Applicant Guidebook: 14 Apr 2011 (emphasis added)
> Based upon the language of the statement, it appears likely that the version 
> of the Guidebook released in April will likely be subject to an additional 
> round of public comment. As to what that means for the actual opening date of 
> the application window, the answer is unclear but one would expect additional 
> delay until at least June 2011 in my personal opinion.
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