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An Agreement that Stifles Innovation

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  • Subject: An Agreement that Stifles Innovation
  • From: Chris Gunn <gunnchris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 12:36:24 -0700


<P>These agreements will stifle innovation. Web developers need stability in 
pricing in order to be able to plan and invest. These agreements&nbsp;give 
monopolistic registrars the right&nbsp; to steal the fruit of web developers 
labour on a whim.</P>
<P>I am not opposed to price hikes. But I want the price hikes spelled out so 
that these registrars do not effectively hijack the domain by out pricing the 
developers AFTER the developers have made the domains valuable. The value of a 
domain name is not just the keywords that make it up: It is also things like 
the links that it acquires and the brand recognition it has. These are 
qualities that are created through web developers investment in time, money and 
energy. Why should the registrars have the right to claim this value when they 
did nothing to earn it. &nbsp;<BR>
<P>If this goes through, I will not be investing in .orgs, .infos, or .biz 
because I will not know how my investment will fair come renewal time. </P>
<P>This proposal is insane. I am strongly opposed to it.</P>
<P>Chris Gunn</P>

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