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WADND.COM responds to Chuck Gomes's statement

  • To: <biz-tld-agreement@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: WADND.COM responds to Chuck Gomes's statement
  • From: "Rick Schwartz" <domainking@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 08:20:32 -0400


The Gomes statement  (links below) validates the fears expressed by nearly 
every post. This slippery slope is just a matter of time before it happens to 
.com and .net

I see no winners if this happens. Lawsuits are going to fly from every 
direction. You saw the outcry with the Verisign deal which pales in comparison. 

If this stands it will show ICANN acting in bad faith and not in the the public 
interest. It will show much more that will come out as these lawsuits begin to 
get filed and move forward into discovery. I would estimate that more than one 
dozen lawsuits are already being contemplated. Please don't take this as a 
threat. It is just common sense what is going to happen. It puts every domainer 
and every website owner in jeopardy. If ICANN chooses to close their eyes to 
this injustice I don't know how the organization can have any credibility 
whatsoever moving forward. 

The one good thing is issue has forced domainers and registrars to work 
together and now they are beginning to organize. There are associations popping 
up and some are very well funded. That is in contrast to the past where we were 
whining and splintered. We are now all on the same page. We realize that we 
must take this fight to the courts if ICANN moves forward with this unfair plan 
that can only be abused. And in the future to say you did not see it coming or 
you did not know, will be met with the 200 posts or more that will be appearing 
here before the deadline. ICANN is doing this with their eyes wide open. 
Please, don't go down this path. Discrimination in pricing will be the downfall 
of many. While domainers and website owners are concerned, the real concern 
will be why ICANN allowed something like this, that can so easily be abused to 
stand when they KNEW full well it would happen as illustrated by the post made. 
How will you folks defend your decision?

We urge ICANN board in the very stongest terms to back up and reconsider this 
horrible plan. It serves the interests of a few and ignores the concerns of the 
masses. It would be the single worst decision ICANN has ever made and it will 
be met with nothing but headaches and legal issues for all of us for YEARS to 

Thank you for your consideration!


Rick Schwartz
President & CEO World Association of Domain Name Developers Inc.
For reference here are the Gomes's 

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