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  • To: <biz-tld-agreement@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: WADND.COM Score 99.9% vs .01% SPECIAL INTEREST
  • From: "Rick Schwartz" <domainking@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 07:46:42 -0400


You asked for comments and the comments ran 99.9% opposed to .01% in favor. The 
THREE posts in favor were all by the registries that will be lining their 

So now what say you? Do you IGNORE all the info you requested? Do you IGNORE 
common sense?

The very future of ICANN is at stake here. The credibility of ICANN is at stake 
here. Do you knuckle under to the special interests of a few who could gain 
TENS of millions or do you listen to the grassroots? Where will the HEART of 
ICANN come down??

Behind these posts there are discussions of even more than legal action. I have 
seen posts on forums suggesting that the Department of Justice be called in to 
see what is REALLY going on. The see the motivations of ICANN members. Gifts 
that board members may have received. Etc.

So I suggest you choose a better battle than this one. This one would be a 
catastrophic loser for ICANN.

But as posters we have NO POWER. ICANN holds the power. Now the question is 
will ICANN abuse it's power? It is really that simple. Will ICANN abuse the 
power it was given in the PUBLIC TRUST. The power to help many as opposed to 
help a few line their pockets with OUR hard work??

So we stay on the side and all eyes will watch what you do. If you choose to 
ignore the very valid points that have been brought to your attention. If you 
choose to ignore the points carefully made showing your charter and how you are 
going against that charter, be prepared for a very rough future.


Rick Schwartz
President & CEO World Association of Domain Name Developers Inc.

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